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Weak Recap: Metalheads Anonymous

Hello and welcome to your daily MA meeting here at Dose of Metal. We are here to guide you, through group therapy sessions, from music for posers to music for true metalheads. Metalheads Anonymous is the only way to turn you into a headbanging, beer-drinking metal elitist.

The first item on the MA agenda is the weekly Weak Recap. If you want to look forward to become a metalhead, you have to look in the past how the metalhead elite has done it. And let’s face it, there is no better place to learn of metal than at Dose of Metal.

So let’s get it started, shall we? Go ahead and make the jump.


Weak Recap: Pop a recap in yo ass, fool

Yo yo. From the slums of Shaolin, Dose of Metal strikes again!

We from the streets, yo. Break yo’self!

This Sunday, takin’ on the events of last week, straight from the ghetto — word up.

Sorry guys, just really tired and uninspired, so I went with a ‘street’ approach, just to relate to hip-hop fans who might be magically lost here. Make the jump and see what happened this week.


Weak Recap: Just the two of us

We haven’t done a recap the last two weekends, mainly because we’re lazy as shit. But this Sunday we’re back, with a vengeance! Unfortunately it’s just Mark and I, so we’re gonna make this pretty lame.

A lot has happened in the past week. We’ve had some contests, begged people to write for us, even got one to actually write for us, that sort of thing.

This is me interviewing Mark, just Mark, no one else but Mark. I’ll stop now, before I start sounding like a Will Smith song.

Make the jump and witness the Gods of metal blogging talking to each other.


Weak Recap: Overdose impossible

It’s not possible to overdose on metal. That is a fact but it’s a class a drug which turns you into a junkie quite fast. You started with weak drugs like alcohol, cannabis or Slipknot but after a while you can only get high on cocaine, Cannibal Corpse, the heavy shit.

And we here at Dose of Metal are your dealers. We don’t even charge you for your daily dose of metal. We love this drug so much that we’re giving it away for fucking free. It’s impossible to overdose, so you might as well get high all day, everyday.

We have been dealing out metal for a full year now and we won’t stop until the whole world is addicted because, let’s face it, there is nothing better. For a little taste of our product, make the jump where I talk my fellow dealers about the past week and our greatest deals.


Weak Recap: We be recappin’

Last week, poor Simo had to do the weak recap all by himself, which is very reminiscent of his sex life (or mine).

But don’t worry, this week Alex comes to the rescue and interviews him. Are we gonna gay it up? Yes we are.

Make the jump and see just what happened last week, and how badly did we cover it with our shitty writing?

By the way, that’s a photo of my girlfriend above. I know she’s not a looker, but she has an awesome personality.

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