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Tarja Turunen performed somewhere in Lithuania

Tarja Turunen, former Nightwish singer, performed live in Lithuania and someone taped the thing, it made it to Blabbermouth and I’m now posting it here.

Why? Because I’m scared what could happen if I didn’t. I’m also scared of making fun of her. I mean, just look at her. She looks like she’s twice as tall as me. No, seriously, I get a strong dominatrix vibe, I can’t even imagine all the kinky stuff that goes on in her bedroom. She probably makes use of her “vibrato” on the men a lot.

Now, before she finds me and kicks the living shit out of me (which isn’t an achievement really, so the joke’s on you Tarja), I’ll stop. There’s a video for Nemo above and you can play it if you want, I posted it because it’s like the only Nightwish song I know. You can also read a full article with proper words and shit on Blabbermouth.


Nightwish held a secret gig


Nightwish have played a very secret gig. No one knows where it was (Key Club, West Hollywood), when it happened (Thursday night, January 19), how they pulled it off (by announcing the gig as performed by “Rubber Band of Wolves”).

God, I really wish I could know what went on there (see photo gallery here). Or at least which songs they played (check the setlist at Blabbermouth). I’m so sad (don’t forget to check out a massive collection of fan made videos from the show, also at Blabbermouth).

God, those sneaky bastards.


Weak Recap: Metalheads Anonymous

Hello and welcome to your daily MA meeting here at Dose of Metal. We are here to guide you, through group therapy sessions, from music for posers to music for true metalheads. Metalheads Anonymous is the only way to turn you into a headbanging, beer-drinking metal elitist.

The first item on the MA agenda is the weekly Weak Recap. If you want to look forward to become a metalhead, you have to look in the past how the metalhead elite has done it. And let’s face it, there is no better place to learn of metal than at Dose of Metal.

So let’s get it started, shall we? Go ahead and make the jump.


Nightwish mainman talks… Imaginaerum?

Mainman? Man? Nightwish have a mainman? Is that a man above? To be honest, I’ve only ever noticed the chick, because, well, I’m still a horny teenager within this old man’s body, truth be told. Also, their music is a bit shit, so I have to find something else to occupy my mind with whenever they come on the telly (or somehow make their way onto my laptop screen).

Regardless, their “mainman” is being interviewed in the video above by Finnish television channel TV4. In the interview, the dude discusses Imaginaerum, which I think is a space ship, or possibly even a new brand of condoms. I’m not sure, you’ll have to watch the video yourselves if you wish to find out. Enjoy (or don’t – depending on your taste, or lack of it).

More Nightwish related crap can be found over at Blabbermouth.


Metalheadlines: Nostalgia edition

Nightwish (pictured above, even though I have no idea if that’s the current lineup — nor do I care to find out) are filmmakers now, or something. They’re putting together a movie named ‘Imaginaerum’ and an album of the same name. It will be directed by some guy named… Wait, what’s the point? Just read the full article and spare me from having to write any other details, jeez. The second dude from the left does kinda look like Jake Gyllenhaal though, if I’m honest.

Full Metal Jackie interviewed none other than Scott Ian of Anthrax on her show. Blabbermouth has the audio right here, so you can give it a listen by going to their site, cause they actually have information and content, unlike some other metal sites I could mention. We do have longer dicks, of that I’m sure.

Rage will enter the studio in October. Alex doesn’t care in September, nor will he care in October, either.

Dream Theater will tour Europe with some band called Periphery. And I care about this because…? Oh well, dates after the jump.

Grave have some footage online. By footage I mean two YouTube clips. Do you want to watch them? Me neither, but I will embed them after the jump, just to pretend I’m actually doing something on this stupid site.

Kyuss Lives! is the band Kyuss but without its most well-known member: Josh Homme. For some reason, they make music like that, and Brant Bjork spoke to some site about something and blah blah blah, read the interview here. This may seem lazy writing, but at least it’s honest.

Trivium have some footage from their tour. The footage is online. On YouTube. Is it embedded here? Of course. Why? No idea, but you can make the jump if that’s your cup of tea. I liked the band better when they were called Metallica though.

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