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Weak Recap: We be winning, playa

It’s no secret that we’re amazing, and we’re pretty modest about it, too. I mean, the rest of the guys who write for this site aren’t really that awesome, but compared to your boring ass, they’re Gods. I, on the other hand, am absolutely sublime. I truly believe a few decades from now people will be quoting my posts and giving them as examples of literary genius.

So why would I, of all people, interview the other writers for this site? Isn’t it a bit like Mozart interviewing Linkin Park? Yes it is, but unlike Mozart, I am pretty humble. And good looking.

Anyway, make the jump and read my interview with some of metal’s worst writers… Ever.


Diamond Head hearts Metallica

I don’t know what it is these days, a few years ago it was pretty standard slamming Metallica in the press. Now they seem to get mostly positive comments and praises. I wonder why that is. Actually, no I don’t, I honestly don’t care.

But Diamond Head are always credited with influencing Metallica a lot, Lars always praises them, blah blah, so the band is grateful that they’re getting so much attention from the four horsemen:

I think without Metallica coming along and covering our songs, and giving us a leg up to reform and things, we may have just faded away like a hundred of other New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands. We may have got the odd little mention here and there, but I think without Metallica’s help, we would not have survived to this day.

Read full interview here.

Aww, look at all the metal love and the British and American bands getting along. I’m actually a bit annoyed by this, a positive comment on a band is pretty boring for me to write, and probably even more boring (or is it boringer? Fuck you, what am I, Shakespeare?) for you to read. Where’s all the “Fuck those guys!!!” hate?

Nowadays the only metal hostility is on Blabbermouth and YouTube. If those trolls also start getting along, we might just have to start listening to Justin Bieber.


Yep, Diamond Head joined the jam

Okay so maybe not all of Diamond Head, just guitarist Brian Tatler.

Now, I have updated the original post about this but hey, Metallica.com has some awesome photos up so I stole got a couple of them to post here.

Make the jump to see a few and a link to the full gallery.

And yes, I realize most of the news is now Big Four-related somehow but hey, what can you do? Would you rather read about whom Bret Michaels is singing with? I thought so.


Will Diamond Head join The Big Four jam?

I actually wanted to go to Knebworth for Sonisphere, but couldn’t. Man, am I going to regret this…

Diamond Head (whose ‘Am I Evil’ song is usually played when the four bands jam) will play on the same stage as Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica. So will they join the jam at the end?

The video above with David Ellefson and Shawn Drover of Megadeth seems to hint towards that idea. It would be pretty epic indeed, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

I hope it will be pro shot so we don’t have to witness it via godawful cellphone footage.

UPDATE: Metallica.com confirms that Brian Tatler of Diamond Head joined the jam.

Speaking of Sonisphere, other musicians playing that festival were asked to pick their favorite Big Four band. Their quotes, after the jump.


Metal Hammer’s Golden God results

The UK’s Metal Hammer hosted their very “special” awards ceremony, The Golden Gods, last night. We at Dose of Metal at times have considered hosting our own awards ceremony, but ultimately we’re just not self-indulgent or pretentious enough to attempt such a feat. Actually, it’s just we’re too lazy, poor and not big enough to pull it off. Instead though, we can just look at other award ceremonies, and criticize them, which is exactly what I’m going to be doing.

Winners include Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rob Zombie and many more. Find the complete results, plus my own little thoughts and criticism below.

* Best New Band – The Damned Things —- Meh, debut was catchy, but overall fairly mediocre.
* Metal As F*ck – Nergal (Behemoth) —- No argument here.
* Best Underground – Primordial —- Also no arguments here.
* Dimebag Darrell Shredder(s) – Gus G. (FIREWIND, OZZY OSBOURNE) —- Yeah, Gus is pretty awesome.
* Breakthrough Artist – Sabaton —- Who??
* Best UK Band – Iron Maiden —- Of course. Question though, do Iron Maiden win every year? 😛
* Best Live Band – Skindred —- Skindred? Fuck off.
* Inspiration Award – Twister Sister —- Twisted Sister? No thanks
* Best International Band – Avenged Sevenfold —- Fuck off.
* Best Album – “Absolute Dissent” by Killing Joke —- Haven’t heard it yet, so unsure on this one, but I bet there’s better.
* Event of the Year – “The Big 4” coming together for first time ever in the U.K. —- Yeah, as a UK citizen, this is awesome.
* Riff Lord(s) – Pepper Keenan and Kirk Windstein (DOWN) — Down are great, but there’s a lot of riff lords I guess.
* Spirit of Hammer – Diamond Head — Yeah, I guess I’m cool with this.
* Icons – Judas Priest —- Undeniably deserving of the title.
* Golden God – Rob Zombie —- Rob Zombie sucks.

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