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Hammerfest UK just got better

Who knew things actually happen in North Wales, ‘ey? Well, next year’s Hammerfest IV in Prestatyn, Wales, is already shaping up to be a storm.

Viking legends Amon Amarth are the latest Metal band to be added to the already pretty damn good lineup.

The band will be joined by other “fantastic”* acts, including Anthrax, Paradise Lost, Exodus, Chimaira, Wizard, The Painted Smiles and many more bands. Hammerfest IV takes place from March 16-17, and you can find out more, including how to buy tickets, over at the official site.

*May not be the opinion of every individual.


Weak Recap: Solo style

Mouthful of metal

Hey, it’s another Sunday, and you know what that means, time for your favorite weekly interview. The one we do with each other.

Except, you’re not getting one.

Apparently, other people at Dose of Metal obviously have this thing called “life” and they’re too busy with their “girlfriends.” You know where that leaves me? Same place I was last week — alone in the room, wishing I had enough money to buy myself a plastic one.

I’m just kidding, blow up dolls are for pussies, real men pleasure themselves. And by that, I don’t mean I can reach my penis with my mouth. I just make the best use of my hands. Speaking of my hands and wonderful results, make the jump to read my solo recap.


Friday Top 10: Popular metal videos on YouTube

Hi. So what I did was, I searched for ‘metal’ on YouTube and then sorted the results by view count. I got a lot of random results that had nothing to do with metal/rock music at all, which I’ve removed, and then I was left with the 10 most popular metal videos.

Well, technically it’s the top 10 most popular search results for the keyword ‘metal,’ but you get the point.

Is this an educated study of heavy metal popularity and a thorough analysis of viral videos within the very same genre? LULZ, get real, dumbass — this is Dose Of Metal. I just clicked a few buttons on that crappy video site and then made an article out of it.

Make the jump and witness the mediocrity.


It’s getting hot in here

Some nordic place

And I’m already out of my clothes so this pun kinda lost it’s purpose. It is really hot around here, 40 degrees or more (Celsius for the motherfucking win), and my only fan ain’t blowing hard enough. Pun retrieved.

Anywho, I’d kill for a beer right now. Which is why this news piece made me even thirstier: Amon Amarth have their own brand of beer out!

A beer for the end of ages brewed with our friends in the band AMON AMARTH. This Aesir Porter is a robust and hearty beer brewed with local honey and a small portion of smoked malt. When Heimdall sounds the Giallar-horn this is the beer to be hoisted by the gods in anticipation of the coming battle.

The Floyds Brewing Company

Now excuse me while I try to enter the fridge and pretend I’m in the picture above. Photo of the beer after the jump.


Learn to kick as much ass as Amon Amarth

Today really is your lucky day, earlier today you were taught how to kick ass like Devildriver by the band’s guitarists themselves, and now Johan Söderberg and Olavi Mikkonen of  Amon Amarth talk to Guitar World magazine about their gear set-up and show you how to play the intro to ‘War Of The Gods’.

You can check out the video above. Try to contain your excitement if you can. I tried, but failed, and now I need a clean pair of pants.

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