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Vince Neil likes tits! (o)(o)

Vince Neil likes boobies. I have the same passion. What I don’t have, is a gazillion bucks to build my own strip club in Las Vegas. Vince does, however.

It’s something I always wanted to do, so it’s like a dream come true. But this will be different and unique. It will be the first rock and roll strip joint. It was a business opportunity to become a partner that was too good to pass up.

Read full article here.

Translation: I like tits, so making money showing tits sounds good to me.

Imagine listening to Mötley Crüe then getting a lap dance from a chick. It will confuse a lot of guys sexually.


Vince Neil is teh guilty!1111

Vince Neil, you know, the guy from Mötley Crüe, pleaded guilty yesterday to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. That sounds bad, but he actually avoided a more serious charge of battery constituting domes… AH FUCK IT, just read the fucking Blabbermouth article. I’m not your fucking lawyer.

He also paid a $1,000 fine. That might not seem like a lot, but remember, it’s not the 80s, so if you have about $900 to lend to the guy, he would be grateful.


Funny Mötley Crüe bassist is funny

Whenever Nikki Sixx talks about ‘being heavy,’ I always assume he’s talking about his weight gain, followed by some bullshit excuse of how he got fat for a role. I guess I’m wrong this time, cause he’s actually talking about heavy music… Mötley Crüe and heavy music, now that’s something I’d pay good money not to see.

My idea for a record is… We can’t depend upon radio or anything else to sell records, so I think we should depend upon what really juices us, and for me right now, I would love to make an extremely heavy, non-commercial record — more like a Shout At The Devil type of a record.

Watch full interview after the jump.

Oh yeah, cause Shout At The Devil was an amazingly heavy album. God forbid should you return to such death metal roots.

So yeah, Nikki, we appreciate your passion for heavy music (or rather, trying to make heavy music), but the only thing heavy related to you was when your weight crushed that fan whose head you jumped on.


Nikki Sixx jumps on fan

If you’re in a band, especially in a band that hasn’t been relevant since rotary phones were ‘new technology,’ any means of your live show being distributed to people should be flattering to you. Right? Well, not if your name is Nikki Sixx.

Apparently Nikki spotted some fan filming the Mötley Crüe show with what he thought was a ‘professional camera,’ and he decided jumping on him was a great way to make him stop. So that’s what he did, as you can see from the video.

And thank god for him. Can you imagine that kid uploading the concert to YouTube and giving the band free publicity and exposure? Sheesh, that’s a crime that should be punished by death.

Good on ya, Mr. Sixx. Jump on your own fans and stop any kind of promotion, it’s not like your band needs it or anything.

Oh, if you’re wondering,  this happened at their July 30 show in Frederick, Maryland.


Weak Recap: Simo’s back!

You guys remember Simo, right? He took a two-month break from the interwebz, to see if this ‘real life’ thing is as good as people say it is. Once he realized talking to a girl in real life is not as easy as on Facebook, he came back. With a vengeance.

Okay, so maybe not with a vengeance, but he came back. And now I get to interview him, which is not an honor and a privilege.

We’ll talk about a lot of things, a lot of boring things, so I’m not gonna lie to you… It will be a pretty boring article, so don’t bother reading this further. It will only make you waste a lot of valuable time.

But if you’ve got nothing better to do, make the jump and read what two people who rarely get laid (and when they do, it ends in tears) have to say about this past week’s articles.

Enjoy! (you won’t, trust me, but I like being optimistic)

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