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Cannibal Corpse torture you!

Are you ready for new Cannibal Corpse? Well, today’s your lucky day! Cannibal Corpse just announced the title of their upcoming album, the artwork and the tracklist of said album. That’s not the big news though, they’ve also released the first single online! In addition, the above making of video was released last week.

First off, the album is called Torture. You can view the artworks and tracklisting after the jump. Why artworks? Well, the album will be released with two different artworks. One for the US market, and another one for the international market.

Listen to the first single, entitled ‘Demented  Aggression,’ below. Personally, I already fucking love it. It’s fucking Cannibal Corpse, you know what to expect by now.

Now go ahead, blast the new Cannibal Corpse song and torture your neighbors with it! The album will be released March 13th in the States, March 12th in the UK and March 9th in the rest of Europe.


Beyond Death and Tirant Sin reunite for one-off performance

If you love Cannibal Corpse as much as I do, chances are that you know that they formed out of the ashes of three different previous bands, Beyond Death (Alex Webster, Jack Owen), Tirant Sin (Chris Barnes, Bob Rusay and Paul Mazurkiewicz) and Leviathan (Chris Barnes).

Beyond Death and Tirant Sin recently reunited for a one-off appearance at the benefit concert for Sons of Azrael guitarist Tony Lorenzo. I actually don’t know Sons of Azrael, nor what’s wrong with Lorenzo, but I’d like to wish him a speedy recovery, if he’s sick. If he’s just broke, well… reuniting two local death metal bands won’t get you far but it secures you a post on Dose of Metal. That’s better than nothing.

You can watch an excerpt of Beyond Death’s performance above and some more videos, including Tirant Sin, after the jump.


Death ’til Death – Day 4: Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse. Not just one of the most controversial Death Metal acts of all time, but also one of the most successful. We get it, mainstream audiences don’t like lyrics about stripping, raping and strangling. Most death metalheads do though, and Cannibal Corpse are the number 1 act to feature such lyrics.

Formed in 1988, Cannibal Corpse rose to the top of the genre in a matter of years. They played their first gig in 1989, shortly after finishing their self-titled demo. One year later, they were signed to Metal Blade Records and released their debut album Eaten Back To Life — a Death Metal classic.

Chris Barnes’ gruesome lyrics attracted the attention of people who usually can’t be found in metal clubs. Bob Dole accused them of “undermining the national character of the United States,” and numerous senators and conservative activists tried to get them dumped from their record label. Up until 2006, all Cannibal Corpse albums were banned in Australia, and the first three albums were banned in Germany.

Not everybody strongly disliked Cannibal though. Jim Carrey insisted that they make an appearance in his film ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,’ where they performed their underground hit ‘Hammer Smashed Face.’

While yesterday’s featured artist Morbid Angel (see link below) released the commercially most successful Death Metal album of all time, Cannibal Corpse are the Death Metal act to sell the most albums overall.

23 years after forming, Cannibal Corpse are still going strong. With a slightly different lineup, but still as brutal as ever. To many they are the biggest Death Metal band of all time, and I can’t say I disagree. It’s debatable whether they are the greatest Death Metal band or not, but there is no question that they have left their bloody mark on Death Metal.

Cannibal Corpse – Fucked With A Knife

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Friday Top 26: Heavy Metal Alphabet

We’ve done so many Top 10’s already, but this time we’ve decided to top it all with a Top 26. 26? There was something with 26, right? You got it! The Latin alphabet, that is used in most countries on this planet, has 26 letters.

So what are we going to do with these 26 letters? Well, every band has a bandname, and every bandname consists of letters. Can you follow me so far? We’re going to list the best band for each letter of the Latin alphabet (including their best song and album).

Ain’t that cool, now? It sure is. Make the jump for 26 letters and 26 ear-shattering Metal bands!


Weak Recap: Simo’s back!

You guys remember Simo, right? He took a two-month break from the interwebz, to see if this ‘real life’ thing is as good as people say it is. Once he realized talking to a girl in real life is not as easy as on Facebook, he came back. With a vengeance.

Okay, so maybe not with a vengeance, but he came back. And now I get to interview him, which is not an honor and a privilege.

We’ll talk about a lot of things, a lot of boring things, so I’m not gonna lie to you… It will be a pretty boring article, so don’t bother reading this further. It will only make you waste a lot of valuable time.

But if you’ve got nothing better to do, make the jump and read what two people who rarely get laid (and when they do, it ends in tears) have to say about this past week’s articles.

Enjoy! (you won’t, trust me, but I like being optimistic)

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