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Friday Top 10: Heaviest albums of all time

Just a couple of weeks ago, the UK’s Kerrang magazine counted down their top 10 heaviest albums of all time. The thing is with Kerrang’s list, though, was I just couldn’t really agree with it. I mean they had The Beatles in the top 10! It was obvious the list was a bit of a joke, so I decided I would put together my own top 10. A top 10 that was just a bit more credible, serious, and would appeal more to so called “real” metalheads.

So to the elite, for real fans of Metal, this top 10 is for you. I hope ya’ll enjoy it, yo.


Friday Top 10: Black Sabbath songs (original lineup)

It’s official, the original lineup has reformed, back to do it all — world tour, new album and destroy all that is not Metal. 2012 will no doubt be a fantastic year for meatheads metalheads like me.

Not long ago I counted down the top 10 Sabbath albums, and now, hot off the news that the original lineup are back, it seems like the perfect time to list the top 10 Black Sabbath songs, only this time I’m going to keep it strictly to songs by the original lineup. It just makes sense.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make the jump!


Friday Top 10: Worst grindcore band names

I respect your feelings as a woman.

This week we’re all about love death: Guido’s been keeping your daily dose of death metal on steady supply so far, and I’ve sort of touched on a “grind” subject in this week’s Tuesday Trivia.

I promised I might make a Top 10 out of it (any grind variation included), and I’m a man of my word. I’m also pretty lazy, so this turned to be the perfect Top 10 for me: it’s going to be short and disgusting. Read on.


Friday Top 10: Replacements for Lars Ulrich

We’ve all fantasized about Metallica having a different drummer… Maybe a faster one, a more technical one, one that doesn’t sue Napster, that sort of thing.

Since they were supposed to perform tonight in India but didn’t, I have ten suggestions for you guys. Ten impressive drummers who would probably own behind a proper kit.

This is a bit different, you’ll see, but it will instantly remind you of St. Anger.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 recommendations for Metallica‘s drummer spot — should it ever be vacant.


Friday Top 10: Worst band transformations, part 2

Another Friday, another Top 10. Except this one is the same as the last one.

Well, kind of. Continuing from last time, we take a look at ten more examples of band transformations we could have lived without. Note that the list is not really in a particular order, and then make the jump.

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