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Look what the cat dragged in! No, I don’t mean Fear Factory, my humble self!

I’m back and ready to post the shit out of all the news I’ve missed. Expect at least three new posts by the end of summer, and up to ten by the end of the year. In the meantime, enjoy this live performance of the first single from Fear Factory’s new album (can’t remember the name of the album, but it’s probably something about man versus machine), symbolically titled “Recharger.” God, I’m such an artist.



Monday Dose: Exhorder

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Exhorder again and by accident I found a pro-shot live video of one of my favorite Exhorder tunes, ‘Desecrator.’ The video features the late Frankie Sparcello and the rest of the gang thrashing through this killer song sometime in 2010.

Now do yourself a favor, watch the video above, then listen to your copy of Slaughter In The Vatican and while you do that, read our interview with Kyle Thomas which we did last year.


Support piracy, punch a congressman

We’ve already had two doses today, but Swashbuckle deserve their own one simply for their latest Facebook update.

 There’s no better way to support piracy but by listening to Swashbuckle right now, so do it! YARR!


Dose of Black

In keeping with the ‘Today is kind of black‘-theme the internet is doing today, I thought I’d share my favorite Black Metal song with you.

I’ve written about it before, but today seems to be a fitting day to share it once more. ‘End Of Life,’ by Strid, is an 11-minute, utterly depressive Black Metal song. One of the more prominent riffs of the song was “copied” by the notorious (no, not B.I.G.), German Black Metal act Nargaroth. Interestingly enough, Storm (a.k.a. Rot) of Strid committed suicide in the same year Nargaroth released ‘Black Metal ist Krieg,’ which included the “copied” riff. Coincidence?

Now, in further showing my support of the internet going black today, make the jump to stare at a black picture.


Thursday Dose: This Is Turin

Writing for Dose of Metal gave me the opportunity to check out bands, I probably wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. Of all the great bands I got to check out, one stood out.

In May of last year, I reviewed Condate Records’ Split Roast sampler. The review didn’t go over well with some of the bands included on the sampler, but it never really bothered me what people thought about my writing. You just have to take it with a grain of salt, when a band, that you wrote negatively about, criticizes your work.

One band included on the Split Roast sampler was Colonel Blast. They got the best rating from me, with a 4-and-a-half skull rating for their two songs included. I really wanted to get their debut album next to review. I wrote to Condate Records, I wrote to their PR agency and I wrote to the band, to no success. It may be speculation on my part, but I felt like they didn’t want to cooperate with us, because of my negative reviews of some of their fellow bands.

Here is the catch, I’m a stubborn motherfucker. If you don’t give me your album for review purposes, I’ll just buy it and then review it. Obviously, as a reviewer for a metal blog, you can’t buy each and every album you want to review. You’d be broke within weeks. I bought Colonel Blast’s For The Greater Good anyhow and gave it a 5 skull review.

Following that review, the band apologized to me for not sending me their album and thanked me for the review. Maybe I was wrong, and the band simply overlooked my inquiry by mistake. To leave it all behind, I offered them an interview. I wanted to do a joint interview with their previous singer Matt Bolton and their current singer Darryl Jones. I never got an answer and was finally fed up with their unprofessionalism.

It’s pretty simple. I don’t have to write about your band. If I like your band, I’m writing about it to make other people, who read our site, check out your band. To me that’s a very positive thing. If I like your band, write positively about it and you simply don’t want to cooperate with me… well… fuck you. There’s not a better way to put it. If you don’t want the promotion, I won’t force it upon you.

More than half a year later, I find out about This Is Turin. This Is Turin is Darryl Jones’ original band, and guess what. I like them. So, even after the two dumps Colonel Blast took on us, I’m again swallowing my pride and going out of my way to write about their singer’s work. This time I’m not doing it because I think they deserve the promotion. I’m doing it because this is what Dose of Metal is designed to do; write about good music.

This Is Turin certainly do play great music and I’d like our readers to listen to them. After all, this should be about the appreciation of music, and not personal feelings towards their creators. I just want you, the readers, to understand that it wasn’t an easy decision for me to write about This Is Turin. But I want you to check them out either way. You can do that on Soundcloud or simply click the play button below. While you do that, I will keep on questioning my decision to write about them.

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