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Haunted Flames

*sigh* Lame title on my part, but it’s been reported that a new supergroup consisting of members of Swedish giants In Flames and The Haunted has formed, and the band will be performing at the new Sonic Rock Circus festival, set to take place on September 30 at Klubben in Stockholm, Sweden.

The band are called The Resisitance and feature Marco Aro on vocals (ex The Haunted), Jesper Strömblad and Glenn Ljungström on guitars (ex In Flames), Alex Losbäck Holstad on bass, and Chris Barkensjö on drums.

Normally I would make some sort of joke about how mediocre In Flames and The Haunted are right now, but this band might actually turn out to be pretty good. Plus Marc Aro was a part of The Haunted way before their mediocre period.

More information as well as pictures of the band and their logo can be found at Blabbermouth.


Back when they were still good



Weak Recap: Hello, we’re metal!

We’re one of the last of a dying breed. We’re the Albert Einstein of brutality, the William Shakespear of violence, the Arnold Schwarzenegger of funny, the Michael Jackson of metal. All these comparisons are way off though… because we’re better than those guys and we’re certainly better than anyone else out there, including you!

We’re so good, we’re interviewing each other. Who needs interviews with musicians, who have been interviewed already thousands of times? No one!

So, you want to know what happened this past week in metal? Make the jump, we’ll teach you a lesson.


Review: The Haunted – Unseen

A while back I was moaning that I couldn’t find The Haunted’s latest album Unseen in my local CD store. Well, a few weeks have gone by and I finally spotted it in another shop and thought why not pick it up? So that’s exactly what I did. After letting the album sink in a bit, it’s time to pen my review of the album.

Since the release of 2006’s The Dead Eye, the band have been facing continuous criticism from both fans and critics alike, and 5 years later, 2011’s Unseen is no different. This is the band sticking up their middle fingers to those that criticize, and actually delving deeper down the less thrashy, and more “experimental” and melodic path they began with The Dead Eye. It was obvious that this would be the case, as frontman Peter Dolving has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t give a fuck what people think, and that The Haunted would continue down this route regardless. In a sense, it’s almost quite commendable of the band, although it leaves Dose of Metal in a tricky spot. I mean, as a site we dislike anything that isn’t Metal, and The Haunted are barely Metal anymore. Yet we also love to stick our middle fingers to the critics and stick to our guns, and I can’t help but praise The Haunted for the same.

That’s enough rambling for now though; make the jump instead to read the review.


Weak Recap: Second to none

Dose of Metal, the superhero of all metal blogs. We’re like Batman without the homosexual innuendos. Kicking ass, second to none. As you can see, we’re full of ourselves. It isn’t easy playing it down when you’re so awesome though. We’re super-awesome.

Moving on, we’re so full of ourselves that we’re taking turns interviewing each other because that’s what the world needs. The hero the metal world deserves.

Want to know what happened in the metal world this past week? Make the jump to read an interview between me and the mighty Alex about recent metal happenings.

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