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Interview: Peter Dolving (The Haunted)

Thanks to Stefan Franke of Century Media, I got to interview Peter Dolving, vocalist of The Haunted. I’m really anxious to get this one posted because it turned into my favorite interview so far, simply because it’s funny as hell. A huge thank you goes to Dolving for playing and joking along. I’ve had the complete opposite in other interviews and I’m glad he joined in on the fun.

Take into account that I sent these following questions before Christmas last year and he answered them after Christmas. Make the jump to read on.


2011: The albums to watch out for (Pt. 2)

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my 2011: The albums to watch out for feature. I know, I know, not a very catchy name is it? But in my defence, I haven’t stopped drinking since Christmas Eve and I’m pretty sure I’ve now killed all but one of my remaining brain cells.

If you haven’t read part one yet, why not? Go do it now. And then come back and read part 2 after the jump.


The Haunted Unseen

Thrash titans, The Haunted, have revealed the new title for their forthcoming album, as being Unseen.

Unseen is the seventh album and scheduled for release in March. In addition, if you live in Sweden and fancy catching the band live, you can see them perform at the “P3 Guld” (Swedish radio’s annual music awards) live awards ceremony broadcast on January 22, 2011 from Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg, Sweden. I’ve seen the band twice now and I’d highly recommend checking them out.

Find more information here.


And now for some Metal news…

Axl Rose? Rage Against the Machine? Bon Jovi? Trivium?

These are all “artists” that are currently gracing the front page of our lovely website, but isn’t it about time for some real Metal? Why yes it is…

German metallers, we have some more bands announced for the fantastic Wacken Open Air festival. The Haunted, Cradle of Filth (looks like I spoke too soon when I said real Metal…) and Tsjuder (never heard of them, but any band named after the sound I make when I orgasm are bound to be awesome) have all been confirmed for the festival. They’ll be joining other amazing bands on the bill, such as Motorhead, Sepultura, Mayhem, Heaven Shall Burn, Judas Priest and many more.

For more information, visit here.


The Haunted man speaks

Peter Dolving, frontman of The Haunted, has spoken recently about their forthcoming 11th studio album (scheduled for an early 2011 release), describing it as “awesome.” Well, they’re hardly going to describe it as crap are they? Or slightly above average? Congrats on being the 2,054,129th band to describe your latest album as being awesome.

Snide remarks aside though, I am rather looking forward to this release. If you are too, read more over at Blabbermouth.

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