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Weak Recap: Hello, we’re metal!

We’re one of the last of a dying breed. We’re the Albert Einstein of brutality, the William Shakespear of violence, the Arnold Schwarzenegger of funny, the Michael Jackson of metal. All these comparisons are way off though… because we’re better than those guys and we’re certainly better than anyone else out there, including you!

We’re so good, we’re interviewing each other. Who needs interviews with musicians, who have been interviewed already thousands of times? No one!

So, you want to know what happened this past week in metal? Make the jump, we’ll teach you a lesson.


Going retro: Here are a few music videos


Music videos are so out. That’s sort of a good thing because it means people are moving away from watching TV (and shifting to playing FarmVille, but nothing’s perfect). Well, here at Dose of Metal we decided to try and revive your interest in them by looking for the only ones best ones that have just appeared online.

Put on your vintage coats, make the jump and get reminded of the lost art of music videos with these four I dug out.

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