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Is this the new Nu Metal?

The premise of Nu Metal always seemed like a good idea on paper. However, when put into practice, the results were not brilliant. A lot of metalheads took offense to the borrowing of the term ‘Metal’ for music which is actually closer to the Rock genre and well, the music also sucked, let’s be honest. Whiny middle class white kids, with minimal talent, rapping with an incompetent flow about how much their lives suck, backed by horrendous instrumentals.

Above is a different take on the genre though. The band Hacktivist have taken music that is closer to the sounds of artists like Tesseract, Meshuggah and Between the Buried and Me and have decided to rap over it. Nu-Djent? Progressive New Nu Metal, with actual Metal? Yeah, I have no idea what kind of labels kids are slapping on this stuff, but it’s a lot better than half the bands I listened to in school (*cough* Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit).

So, will I listen to Hacktivist again? Perhaps not, as I prefer my vocals to either be screaming or singing, but I still find it interesting the different styles and approaches that people are taking with music. And if you think the band are bad, I dare you to try and listen to the new Linkin Park album. I know which I would rather listen to….


Rammstein also to headline Download 2013

If you love half naked chicks, dildos, ejaculation, the German language, metal, fire, rain, festivals, shit food and live in the UK, you’re in luck, Rammstein have been announced as the second headliner of the 2013 Download festival at the legendary Donington park.

As well as the above date, the band have officially announced the rest of their European festival dates for next summer. Check out the dates and venues below:

01 June Nijmegen, NET – FortaRock XL
04 June Warschau, POL – Impact
08 June Samara, RUS – Rock On Volga
13 June Interlaken, SWI – Greenfield Festival
14 June Nickelsdorg, AUT – Nova Rock
16 June Donington Park, UK – Download Festival
21-23 June Scheessel, GER – Hurricane
21-23 June Neuhausen, GER – Southside
06 July Werchter, BEL – Rock Werchter
01 August Wacken, GER – Wacken Open Air



Iron Maiden to headline Download 2013

In case you missed yesterday’s big news (where were you?), the mighty Maiden have announced they will be returning to Europe in 2013 to play a number of stadiums, arenas and festivals around the continent. The first date to be announced is at the UK’s Download Festival on Saturday June 15th, when Iron Maiden will return to the hallowed Donington Park to headline for a fifth time! (following 1988,1992, 2003 & 2007).

You can read more about it over at the official Iron Maiden site here.

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Review: Shining lingerie

Shining, Shining, Shining is there anything the black metal masterminds don’t do? When I saw the band had released their own brand of lingerie a few weeks back I just had to get a pair for my girlfriend. After all, there’s nothing hotter than seeing a moist vagina clad in the undergarments branded by a band as sexy as Shining. Metal and sex go hand in hand after all, quite literally (err….).

You can catch my quite brilliant review of the pink g-string (also available in black, purple and red) after the jump.


Review: DEF-CON-ONE – Warface

As un-metal as it sounds, DEF-CON-ONE are a band that I hold dear to my heart. Not only were they the very first band I interviewed for this site, they were also a band that represented exactly what Dose of Metal is about. We at DoM always said that we wanted to support up and coming metal acts and promote new talented bands, and it’s great to see that one of the first bands we interviewed have been progressing immensely. In the one and a half years since we interviewed DEF-CON-ONE, the band have gone on to play the UK’s metal festival, Bloodstock, have toured extensively, have released a video and finally earlier this year, they released their debut album, Warface.

Once described by myself as sounding like old-school Burn My Eyes era Machine Head, but with a heavy Pantera influence, it’s time to see if DEF-CON-ONE‘s debut lives up to this hype. Make the jump.

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