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The Haunted reveal new album trailer

This post may be about a new trailer for The Haunted‘s new album, Unseen, but fuck that for a second (Which, funnily enough, is usually how long I last in a fuck). According to Blabbermouth, the album is out today in my country (and tomorrow for you guys in the U.S.), so what happened when I walked into my local CD shop after work today? They didn’t fucking have it! I thought to myself “ah it must not be out yet, I must have got the dates wrong” but I was right after all. Damn CD chain that I probably can’t name for legal reasons, you suck.

So on with the news, because no one wants to read my stupid rants. The Haunted‘s new trailer can be viewed above. It basically features vocalist Peter Dolving telling the viewers how fucking beautiful their new album is, which reminds me, Dose of Metal is fucking beautiful and so is this post, and my penis.


My thoughts on: The Haunted

Let’s imagine for a second, you hear a band’s name, but you haven’t yet heard their music. How do you know if they’re shit or not? One friend I had in high school had one very simple theory. “Are they a ‘the’ band?” he would ask. You may be wondering what he means by this, but it’s very simple. My friend used to think that all bands that start with the word ‘the’ were shit, and he wasn’t far wrong. The Strokes, The Kooks, The Hives, The Killers; all of these bands are utter horse crap, as you probably know all too well. Theory proved? Well, all theories have their flaws, however, and The Haunted are this theory’s  flaw.

Read on for my thoughts on this Swedish Thrash band.


Nu Haunted track posted

Are you ready to hear something you haven’t heard before? Or see something you haven’t seen before? Then get ready to hear Unseen, the title track from The Haunted‘s forthcoming album.

Unfortunately it sounds like Nu Metal trash to me, just without the white rapper that thinks he’s black. But they can’t please everyone though right? Listen to it yourself and you can form your own opinion.

You can listen to the track over at Facebook.



The Haunted reveal tracklisting

The Haunted have revealed the tracklisting for their forthcoming album, Unseen.

Normally I’d either try and make a joke or just rip into the band right about now, but The Haunted are too damn awesome for that.

Find the tracklisting after the jump. You play a game, and try and imagine what the songs will sound like from the names or some crap.


The Haunted ghost

The Haunted recently performed a brand new song from their forthcoming album, Unseen, entitled No Ghost.  The track was performed yesterday at the P3 Guld, the Swedish radio’s annual music awards in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Watch crappy fan-made footage of the No Ghost after the jump. And whilst you’re at it, if you haven’t already, check out our crappy amazing interview with Peter Dolving right here.

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