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Weak Recap: Hello, we’re metal!

We’re one of the last of a dying breed. We’re the Albert Einstein of brutality, the William Shakespear of violence, the Arnold Schwarzenegger of funny, the Michael Jackson of metal. All these comparisons are way off though… because we’re better than those guys and we’re certainly better than anyone else out there, including you!

We’re so good, we’re interviewing each other. Who needs interviews with musicians, who have been interviewed already thousands of times? No one!

So, you want to know what happened this past week in metal? Make the jump, we’ll teach you a lesson.


Jon Bon Jovi was robbed

Jon Bon Jovi

Of talent, the day he was born, but what’s worse (for him) is that he was also robbed of $100.000 — in jewelry. Yes, this guy has $100.000 worth of jewelry in his home, so he must have cheated treated his wife good, or he simply loves to play in gold and silver as much as he loves to play in his cash.

The burglar was eventually caught (and his bail was set at symbolic… $100.000), and Jovi’s probably making a new hit single called “It’s my bling.”


Jon Bon Jovi is a politician

Jon Bon Jovi

Have you noticed a pattern in the last few post? It’s all about musicians doing stuff they probably shouldn’t. Well, Jon Bon Jovi just blew the other guys out of the water — Obama himself appointed him to a new committee designed to get “citizens, non-profits, businesses and government to work more effectively together.” More from the news article:

Bon Jovi also will serve on the new advisory council on community solutions alongside representatives from Starbucks, eBay, Gap and Amnesty International.

I’m not sure what that means, but I think it has something to do with money. Because we’ve seen Bon Jovi is great with it. Who knows, maybe this time next year you’ll look back at this news and think “Remember when Jon Bon Jovi saved the US from recession?”

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