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The Haunted enter studio

Rivaling Job For a Cowboy and Megadeth for most ridiculous band name, The Haunted will be entering the studio tomorrow to record their follow up to 2008’s Versus. The band are hoping their seventh studio album will be released by early 2011.

The Haunted aren’t really haunted by the way, it’s just a “cool” name. A bit like how the frontman, Peter Dolving, isn’t a dolphin.

You’d probably expect the band to say that this will be their “heaviest” yet, or that they’re going back to their “roots” after the criticism they faced from their last two ‘more experimental’ albums, right? Apparently not, as Dolving basically said ‘fuck ’em, we’re going to keep doing what we want.’ Good for them! Read more at Blabbermouth.

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