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The Big Four love each other. Cue laugh track.

If you’re in the mood for a quick laugh, check out this excerpt I stole from Blabbermouth got from a recent Scott Ian interview. He’s explaining The Big Four tour.

This isn’t a manufactured thing put together by management or record companies or anything like that. This is put together because these four bands have all been around for so long. We’re still at the top of our game and we all really get along well, and really do love each other, as lame as that sounds for a bunch of metal dudes.

Read full interview here.

I’ll suspend my disbelief about the ‘manufactured’ part, I’ll pretend I didn’t read the ‘top of our game’ part, but I can’t take the ‘love’ part seriously.

All you have to do is do a quick search on Blabbermouth, and you’ll see how much these four bands love each other. Granted it was never Scott or anyone else from Anthrax doing the ‘loving’ in the press, but still, these bands tolerate each other at best, in my opinion.

I don’t want to make assumptions about people I haven’t met and things I don’t know about. I think it’s great that this Big Four thing is finally happening and I applaud them for ending their feuds, but this whole “ah, we’re all BFFs and are doing this cause we love each other” thing is pretty hard to take seriously. Especially after reading stuff like this.

But, what do I know? Last night I forgot to wipe after a messy shit and woke up with my underwear looking like one of those Rorschach inkblot tests.


The Damned performance

The Damned Things, a band featuring two Anthrax members and some other dudes from bands I’d never listen to if you threatened me with a lead enema, performed their single on ‘Jimmy Kimmel.’

You can watch the performance under the cut, it’s HD and it’s pretty intense, and by intense I mean not intense at all, unless you think a French director goofing around behind the band is intense.

Yes, that is Michel Gondry, a visionary director who made some mighty interesting commercials and music videos back in the day, but who’s now reduced to doing Seth Rogen films and Kimmel skits. It’s sad when a pioneering artist has to sell out like that, but it fits that he should do so near The Damned Things, know what I mean?

God I’m so subtle. Also check out our review of their album, while you’re at it.


Scott Ian celebrated his 47th birthday

On the last day of 2010, Scott Ian celebrated his 47th birthday. The guy still looks like 20 to me if it wasn’t for his grey beard. Metal will keep you young. And endless searches for a singer for your band will make your beard go grey.

Anyhow, Ian posted a couple of pictures of his birthday party via Twitter. Pictured are Brendon Small of Dethklok/Metalocalypse (pictured above), Joey Vera of Armored Saint, formerly of Anthrax, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, Brian Posehn and 2 dudes I’ve never seen before, one with a giant turd as a haircut. Check out the pictures after the jump.

Dose of Metal wishes Scott Ian a happy belated birthday.


Tuesday Trivia: The one where we couldn’t avoid Christmas

Evil Santa

…and decided that if we can’t beat them, we should join them. Christmas can be metal. Make the jump and find out why.


Scott Ian: ‘touring is hard’

According to a recent interview with Anthrax guitarist, Scott Ian, conducted by Attention Deficit Delirium, the hardest thing, both physically and mentally, for the band is touring. That’s odd, because I would have thought that finding a singer was harder, since they’ve had about 50 million already. Or possibly even getting that racoon taped to Scott’s chin to stay in place whilst he headbangs. But what do I know?

The interview and more information can be found over at Blabbermouth.

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