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The Damned Streams

The Damned Things is an interesting band. It has members of Anthrax and Fall Out Boy in it. Listening to one of those bands will make you cool. Listening to the other one will get you beaten up in school. So it’s safe to say that streaming these guys’ debut album will get the bullies to beat you up then take you out for a beer. Or the other way around.

Needless to say, you can stream their album here. I personally didn’t give it a listen, I hate listening to albums without the actual CD being out. Granted, I never buy music, but still it’s nice to know the CD is out before illegally downloading it.

Watch their music video after the jump, too, if you want.


Scott Ian to write for DC

Scott Ian is a comic nerd. Everyone who has listened to Anthrax, who wrote songs about Judge Dredd (‘I am the Law’) and had famous comic artist Alex Ross draw two of their album covers (‘We’ve come for you all’ and ‘Music of Mass Destruction’), should know that already.

Ian already worked for DC Comics before, when he wrote ‘Lobo: Highway to Hell,’ and now he revealed through his Twitter that he’ll write a comic for Etrigan the Demon.

Make the jump to see a screenshot of Ian’s tweet.



Kids say the darndest things. Scott Ian says The Damned Things (pictured above). You see what I did there? Hehehe… Anyways, this band gave an interview which you can watch after the jump. That’s it, not much else to add. This isn’t CNN, you know.

Accept frontman Mark Tornillo said “We have every intention of making more records.” Dose Of Metal said “We don’t have any intentions to buy any of them.” Then he started bragging about his deal with Nuclear Records and stuff, read full interview here and witness the modesty.

Primal Fear are hitting South America like a hurricane. Only they don’t destroy houses, just eardrums. Anyway, check out the dates after thy jump.

Dave Wyndorf’s name makes him sound like he’s the CEO of a surfboard manufacturer. He’s actually the vocalist for Monster Magnet. He also gave this interview where he said the new album was meant to be played live. Of course it was, live shows is where the money is right now in the music industry.


Fired Anthrax singer fires back

Old Anthrax singer, Dan Nelson, has slammed the band for their performance of “new” song, Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t, with new old Anthrax singer, Joey Belladonna. Confused? Yeah we all are when it comes to this band and their singers.

The original version of the song was written and recorded last year, with Dan Nelson on vocals. After he left, or quit, or was fired, the band still used the song, performing it for the “first” time (with Joey) last night (click)

Writing via his Twitter profile guitarist Scott Ian stated about the Uniondale concert, “NY show didn’t disappoint. Craziest pit of the tour! We played new one ‘Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t’ for the first time in the States.”

A short time later, Nelson took to his own Twitter profile to correct Ian, writing:

‘Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t’ for the first time in the States, eh?? Wouldn’t that be at the Double Door in Chicago when we played the song WE ALL wrote together?? I guess Chicago is no longer in the States??”

Videos and screenshots of the tweets stolen borrowed from Blabermouth can be found after the jump.


Scott Ian is still confused

Scott Ian of Anthrax is still confused as to who the singer is. Can you blame him? We lost track about 10 years ago, also… Here’s what he answered in a recent interview:

They are both such integral parts of this band. But, at this point, it doesn’t matter to me if it’s Joey or John. I’ve been doing this for so long that it just feels like Anthrax to me. The whole is greater than the individual parts.

Umm, nice save Scott. Like in middle school when you’re asked to point out Italy on a map and you don’t know, so you say something like I love the world so much it’s just hard to reduce it to a single country… The whole globe is greater than the individual countries and then the geography teacher makes you stay after class and tells you to pull your pants down for a smacking, but instead of his palm you feel a phallic object entering your… Hey, enough about my school years, let’s stay on Mr. Ian.

Did you know he would do anything for love? He’d run right into hell and back? And he’d never lie to you and that’s a fact? Learn more about what’s it like being married to Meat Loaf‘s daughter here.

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