The Damned performance

The Damned Things, a band featuring two Anthrax members and some other dudes from bands I’d never listen to if you threatened me with a lead enema, performed their single on ‘Jimmy Kimmel.’

You can watch the performance under the cut, it’s HD and it’s pretty intense, and by intense I mean not intense at all, unless you think a French director goofing around behind the band is intense.

Yes, that is Michel Gondry, a visionary director who made some mighty interesting commercials and music videos back in the day, but who’s now reduced to doing Seth Rogen films and Kimmel skits. It’s sad when a pioneering artist has to sell out like that, but it fits that he should do so near The Damned Things, know what I mean?

God I’m so subtle. Also check out our review of their album, while you’re at it.

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