Tom Araya is careful

Slayer and Megadeth toured together quite a bit lately, and with all The Big Four rumors, they’re likely to keep doing it. So of course, the whole rivalry questions will never end. But to be fair to interviewers, it seems the old feuds still seem to be there, at least in the form of paranoia.

He’s another human being who lives on this planet, and that’s about it. He comes across as a nice guy, but I keep my guard up around him. He’s courteous to me and my wife and my kids. So I’m courteous in return. said Tom about Dave Mustaine

Read full interview here.

Can’t we all just… Get along? All things have an end (except the sausage, the sausage has two ends, but I digress), so while I do applaud all four bands for putting their personal differences aside and being professional, I don’t think these types of statements help. Oh well, what do I know? Except, you know… Everything…

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