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Metal Hammer’s Golden God results

The UK’s Metal Hammer hosted their very “special” awards ceremony, The Golden Gods, last night. We at Dose of Metal at times have considered hosting our own awards ceremony, but ultimately we’re just not self-indulgent or pretentious enough to attempt such a feat. Actually, it’s just we’re too lazy, poor and not big enough to pull it off. Instead though, we can just look at other award ceremonies, and criticize them, which is exactly what I’m going to be doing.

Winners include Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rob Zombie and many more. Find the complete results, plus my own little thoughts and criticism below.

* Best New Band – The Damned Things —- Meh, debut was catchy, but overall fairly mediocre.
* Metal As F*ck – Nergal (Behemoth) —- No argument here.
* Best Underground – Primordial —- Also no arguments here.
* Dimebag Darrell Shredder(s) – Gus G. (FIREWIND, OZZY OSBOURNE) —- Yeah, Gus is pretty awesome.
* Breakthrough Artist – Sabaton —- Who??
* Best UK Band – Iron Maiden —- Of course. Question though, do Iron Maiden win every year? 😛
* Best Live Band – Skindred —- Skindred? Fuck off.
* Inspiration Award – Twister Sister —- Twisted Sister? No thanks
* Best International Band – Avenged Sevenfold —- Fuck off.
* Best Album – “Absolute Dissent” by Killing Joke —- Haven’t heard it yet, so unsure on this one, but I bet there’s better.
* Event of the Year – “The Big 4” coming together for first time ever in the U.K. —- Yeah, as a UK citizen, this is awesome.
* Riff Lord(s) – Pepper Keenan and Kirk Windstein (DOWN) — Down are great, but there’s a lot of riff lords I guess.
* Spirit of Hammer – Diamond Head — Yeah, I guess I’m cool with this.
* Icons – Judas Priest —- Undeniably deserving of the title.
* Golden God – Rob Zombie —- Rob Zombie sucks.


Mr. Ian talks about The Damned Things

It’s weird seeing an interview with Scott Ian where he’s not talking solely about Anthrax. This is why videos like the one after the jump freak me out.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing against his side project, but I’m so used to Scott Ian of Anthrax talking that when I see Scott Ian of ‘a band with two Fall Out Boy members,’ I kinda feel uneasy. But it may be me taking the internet way too seriously. Sad.

Anyway, under the cut you have a video of Scott Ian and another member of The Damned Things (sorry, not sure who he is exactly.. Maybe Keith Buckley? I’m not fucking Wikipedia, geez) talking about the band and the fact that they’re playing a huge festival like Download.

Epic raccoon goatee alert.


Evacuate London

I’m not even kidding, if you live in London, you may want to evacuate now! Or at least prepare to. Puddle of Mudd (otherwise known as the worst band known to Man, as well as being Fred Durst’s biggest crime against music) have been confirmed as support for The Damned Things at The Borderline on June 8th.

At the moment though, I’m just thanking my lucky stars that at least it’s not a headline show. But seriously people; it’s 2011, why in God’s name do Puddle of Crudd still exist?

More information (in case you want to prepare your escape) can be found at Metal Hammer.


The Damned performance

The Damned Things, a band featuring two Anthrax members and some other dudes from bands I’d never listen to if you threatened me with a lead enema, performed their single on ‘Jimmy Kimmel.’

You can watch the performance under the cut, it’s HD and it’s pretty intense, and by intense I mean not intense at all, unless you think a French director goofing around behind the band is intense.

Yes, that is Michel Gondry, a visionary director who made some mighty interesting commercials and music videos back in the day, but who’s now reduced to doing Seth Rogen films and Kimmel skits. It’s sad when a pioneering artist has to sell out like that, but it fits that he should do so near The Damned Things, know what I mean?

God I’m so subtle. Also check out our review of their album, while you’re at it.


Review: The Damned Things – Ironiclast

The Damned Things

The Damned Things, the love child of Anthrax, Fall Out Boy and Every Time I Die members, closed the year with their debut release, “Ironiclast.”

About a month after, we avoid the hype and examine whether or not this baby should have been aborted, and if it’s worth your money (or at least your time).

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