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Scott Ian doesn't give a shit about cover songs

Scott Ian of Anthrax, the band that covered approximately two thousand songs, said “Who gives a shit about cover songs? We’re so far away from that.” in a recent interview with the Miami New Times.

Who gives a shit, Ian? Your fans do. ‘Got the Time’, ‘Antisocial’ and ‘Bring the Noise’ are just three of your covers that turned into crowd favorites and made you the band you are today (which isn’t necessarily a good thing because you’re barely a band at all nowadays).

The interview question above referred to the rumors about Anthrax putting covers of Refused‘s ‘New Noise’ and some Alice in Chains song (I guess, I missed that last rumor) on their new album. Anthrax have covered ‘New Noise’ live (Video after the jump) with Dan Nelson on vocals and it turned into a shitfest. Don’t get me wrong. ‘New Noise’ is a great song and Anthrax (once were) a great band but hell… that just didn’t work.

Either way, ‘Worship Music’ will probably be the next ‘Chinese Democracy’ so we still have 11 more years before they release it and before Scott Ian has to worry about which songs to put on the album.


Remember Anthrax on Married With Children?

I’ve been on a big “Married With Children” kick as of late, watching a ridiculous amount of episodes.  I have many favourite  classic moments, but one that always comes to mind immediately, is when 80s thrash heads, “Anthrax,” were on the show.

If you haven’t seen that episode and want a brief explanation on it or just want to watch the 8 minute clip with Anthrax, then read on after the jump.


Anyone know who Anthrax's singer is?

So the other day, I mocked Anthrax for their ever changing lineup of vocalists, and I have to admit I felt pretty bad afterwards.  After all, Anthrax is a legendary Thrash band, one of The Big Four.  Seems I was wrong to feel bad though, as guitarist Scott Ian admits that he isn’t even sure who the singer is.  Wow, I’m willing to bet this fills Joey Belladonna (the current vocalist… so I’ve heard) with confidence.

When asked  in a recent interview if Joey is in the band fulltime, Ian responded with “I don’t know”.

If you happen to know who Anthrax’s singer is or if you find him, please let Anthrax know.  Thanks.

Read more here.

When asked if ANTHRAX singer Joey Belladonna has rejoined the band for the longer term following the completion of the group’s current tour, Ian replied, “I don’t know.


Anthrax singer interviewed

Anthrax‘s singer was recently interviewed.  I’m not sure which one though, because they like to change their singer weekly.

Upon further inspection, it seems to be the one that looks and sounds like an old man.  Obviously they’ve opted for the “classic lineup” this week.  When asked why guitarist Scott Ian likes to tape a racoon to his face, the singer unfortunately had no comments to make.  Check out the interview here.

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