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Mr. Ian talks about The Damned Things

It’s weird seeing an interview with Scott Ian where he’s not talking solely about Anthrax. This is why videos like the one after the jump freak me out.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing against his side project, but I’m so used to Scott Ian of Anthrax talking that when I see Scott Ian of ‘a band with two Fall Out Boy members,’ I kinda feel uneasy. But it may be me taking the internet way too seriously. Sad.

Anyway, under the cut you have a video of Scott Ian and another member of The Damned Things (sorry, not sure who he is exactly.. Maybe Keith Buckley? I’m not fucking Wikipedia, geez) talking about the band and the fact that they’re playing a huge festival like Download.

Epic raccoon goatee alert.


Anthrax reviewed their upcoming album already

The reviews are in for Anthrax‘s upcoming studio effort, Worship Music. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re written by two band members. Don’t worry, it’s not like they’re biased or anything.

Here they are:

“With Joey singing them, they sound like classic Anthrax. The hair on my arms stood up when he started singing them. It was Anthrax once again”

– Charlie Benante

“The songs like sound like metal. They sound like Anthrax circa 1987 through a 2011 filter.”

– Scott Ian

“There is a lot of aggression, emotion and power. I feel like this is once again back to our New York style and attitude.”

– Charlie Benante

So I’m guessing both of them agree that the new album kicks ass. It’s safe to say these impartial reviewers gave the album 5 stars out of 5.

Source: Blabbermouth


Weak Recap: We’re bringing sexy back

Another week behind us, another week of total metal kickassery. “But hey Simo, this week hasn’t been that special really…” – I hear some of you saying, and to clarify, when I say kickassery, I mean the way we’ve covered everything. Hell, we could comment on funerals or people sleeping and make it sound interesting as hell.

Kids, prepare your tissues and toilet paper, Mark and I are taking a trip down the memory lane, and it’s going to be sexy.


Review: Lobo – Highway To Hell (by Scott Ian)

Here’s a first for Dose of Metal: I’m reviewing a comic. As many of you know, Scott Ian of Anthrax is a huge comic book nerd. He reads comic books and then writes songs about them (i.e. I Am The Law) and sometimes, he just writes comics himself, as was the case with Lobo – Highway To Hell.

Personally, I’m a comic book nerd myself. Be it Batman, Deadpool or the new Marvel Noir comics, I read a lot of comics. It’s my fourth passion, right after listening to metal, smoking weed and masturbation.

Highway To Hell was published in 2009 via DC Comics. Make the jump for my unusual review of said comic.


Ian out, Kisser in

Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser, you know the guy who can’t make up his mind, will be replacing Scott Ian for eight Anthrax shows in July.

Why? Because Scott Ian and his wife, Meat Loaf’s daughter Pearl Aday, are expecting their first baby. As a representative of Dose of Metal, I want to congratulate Ian’s sperm.

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