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Friday Top 10: Heaviest albums of all time

Just a couple of weeks ago, the UK’s Kerrang magazine counted down their top 10 heaviest albums of all time. The thing is with Kerrang’s list, though, was I just couldn’t really agree with it. I mean they had The Beatles in the top 10! It was obvious the list was a bit of a joke, so I decided I would put together my own top 10. A top 10 that was just a bit more credible, serious, and would appeal more to so called “real” metalheads.

So to the elite, for real fans of Metal, this top 10 is for you. I hope ya’ll enjoy it, yo.


Tuesday Trivia: Metal games


Hey, what’s your favorite metal game? Mine include:

  • moshing with metal attachements on my boots
  • throwing a glass beer bottle at a concert behind me and seeing how many people bleed
  • kicking a wigger

I’m kidding of course. Except maybe for the last one. The games we’ll be covering today have nothing to do with concerts. In fact, they’re my favorite games — the ones that don’t make you leave the house. Make the jump and get familiar with some of the heavy metal video games.


Trent wins Golden Globe

If you had any doubts about Hollywood’s appreciation of talent, they will be shattered right now. Trent just won the Golden Globe for best soundtrack.

I mean, not that the Golden Globes were ever too trustworthy,  you can take out the judges to wine, dine and bribe them, so obviously everyone behind The Social Network did a great campaign since they won everything, but still, this guy should be winning Nintendo’s Retro SNES Soundtrack awards or something.

Don’t get me wrong, The Social Network was a decent flick and I am a big David Fincher fan, it’s just annoying seeing all his other great films get snubbed and this pretty average film get all the praise. I’m happy any time I see Fincher winning awards for his work, I just wish he’d win them for movies like Fight Club. Now THAT was a good film… With a good soundtrack.


2011: The albums to watch out for (Pt. 1)

So as 2010 comes to an end, we all forget the mistakes of the past year, the dodgy synth driven pop albums of aged Nu-Metal acts, the mediocre drivel released by once good bands,  and now look forwards to the promised releases of the forthcoming year. Will the albums be as brilliant as promised, or will they flop quicker than my penis after I see Lady Gaga on TV? Time will tell.

So which albums should you watch out for in 2011? Read on after the jump to find out.


Nine Inch Nails’ Christmas presents

Alessandro Cortini (Sonoio / ex-Nine Inch Nails)

It’s Christmas time in Nine Inch Nails camp, so former and present band members have both released some tidbits for their fans. Former Nine Inch Nails keyboard player, Alessandro Cortini, has released his Sonoio project (how does it sound? Well, much like his former band, minus the gimmicks instruments), and you can download four songs for free, and a complete remix album  on their website. Why remix, when industrial sounds like a remix already? Well, he must have heard you like a remix, so he put a remix in your remix…

The current Nine Inch Nails (which are on hiatus) have not been as generous, posting just a video from their farewell tour online. But, at least here, you have (the illusion of) a band. Check it after the jump.

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