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Ghost, Mastodon and Opeth tour is on

Ya heard? We don’t be lyin’. Satan represent!

Ghost, Mastodon and Opeth tour has been speculated, kinda confirmed and now completely confirmed by Mastodon themselves.

“…We go to Australia take part in the “Soundwave Festival“, which is going to be lovely… Take a short break. Do a North American tour with Opeth and Ghost. And then take another break and come back over here for the European festival season.” – Source

The interview I got this from can be seen here, and above you can check out a clip by Ghost to get a dose all sorts of awesomeness you can expect on the tour.


Opeth guitarist interviewed by Loudwire

Opeth guitarist, Fredrik Åkesson, was recently interviewed by Liz Ramanand of Loudwire. In the chat, Fredrik discusses the new album, Heritage, how it was challenging to write, and it was essentially the band trying to push new boundaries and try something new, so they’re not repeating themselves.

But most metalhead’s won’t give a shit, because the band dropped the death growls, which was just gay, right?

Check out the full interview here.


Break it on down, Heritage styley

Above these amazing words, you can watch the first part of the much needed track-by-track breakdown of Opeth‘s latest album, Heritage, courtesy of Mikael Åkerfeldt.

In case you hadn’t noticed by the way, this is the new trend: Bands reviewing their new albums, so we don’t have to. Really nice of them, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, this time I haven’t even watched the video, as I’ve been listening to the album for the past two or three weeks, thus rendering this video a wee bit pointless.


Opeth mainman in new video interview

Fancy taking a trip back in time? Then why not watch the video interview with Opeth frontman Michael Åkerfeldt above. It’s a new interview, but it was taking with such a shitty camera, you’d think it’s 2001 and the first video phone had just come out.

The interview was conducted by Sam “Blammymatazz” Hatch, host of the Hartford, Connecticut metal radio programThe House Of Zazz’. In it, Michael discusses the new album, the lack of death growls, as well as some other semi-interesting shit.



Opeth streaming Heritage


Heritage, the latest album by Opeth (in stores September 20), is being streamed over at NPR.org. I’d like to let you know what it’s like, but unfortunately, I don’t have 2 hours to go through it. Snap.

You can find more details over at Blabbermouth, and if you happen to find time to give it a listen, let me know how you felt about it in the comments. Bye!

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