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The old grannies in Aerosmith are still fighting over Idol

When Steven Tyler joined American Idol, a lot of people were angry. Including Kid Rock. But no one was as angry as Tyler’s own band mate, guitarist Joe Perry.

Now that Steven is out of American Idol, you’d think they’d be over it within the band, and would just focus on the music… Right? Wrong. Just watch the video above (at around 1:40).

If you think about it, most bands break up because of the tension between certain band members. Usually between the singer and the guitar player. I’m guessing that happens because no matter what, the singer will always be the most important member of the band in people’s eyes, so he will develop an ego and think he’s bigger than the band itself. Also, the guitarist always gets a lot of attention too, enough to get him an ego, but not as much as the singer, making him jealous and insecure.

As a misanthropic piece of shit myself, I can definitely understand calling it quits when you’re forced to work with people you dislike. At one point, no money, fame, or critical acclaim can make you stand certain assholes any longer, especially ones that act like little divas. So I’m not above hating someone, I definitely understand it. But at least be manly about it.

Get into a fist fight, challenge each other to gun duels, don’t just go running to the press to talk shit about the other guy. That’s what girls do, man. Just be a man and hate your band member and former friend like a man.

Now back to Aerosmith, it is pretty obvious that these guys cannot stand each other, but somehow they made it work. Which would be respectable, I guess, if they didn’t act like gossipy little brats. Not only do they dress and fight like chicks, but they both talk like they came straight out of “Mean Girls.”

– Like, I was totally like, feeling that American Idol gig and certain people were jealous of me
– Nuh-uh, girl, speak for yourself, I wasn’t jealous at all.
– Bitch!!!!

Grow up, guys. You’re older than the American dollar, time to stop these petty catfights in the press.


The update no one was waiting for: New Aerosmith album updates

Aerosmith? More like Aerosmithsonian… Get it? Cause they’re old enough to be in museums LOLOLOL!!!1111

Anyway, they have a new album out. It has an old vibe to it (duh, their combined age is 1000), and…

The camaraderie’s there, there’s some songs that are new rock, and old rock and middle-of-the-road rock, and blues, piano. Joe Perry singing a couple of songs, I’m playing the drums, Joey sings, just all kinds of stuff.

Read full article here.

They switched instruments? Awww, isn’t that cute. Was it even intentional, or is it just old age?



Aerosmith’s new album will have an old vibe

Apparently Aerosmith‘s new album will sound like a bunch of old dudes playing old music. Gee, you don’t say…

We’re gonna have a vintage sound, ’cause we’re going to tape and a lot of good things like that

Read full article here.

Translation: We’ll rehash our shit so that we can milk the Aerosmith brand for much more money.

They’re also going on tour, by the way, around June. I have to say, I’d go see these grampas live, mainly because I doubt I’ve ever seen people this old in flesh and bone.


Jack Douglas wanted Stephen King to write lyrics for Aerosmith

Whilst we can certainly see why one would think Steven Tyler belongs in the Stephen King universe, the idea of him writing lyrics for the band seems kind of odd. Everyone else thought so too, apparently, but producer Jack Douglas really meant it, yo.

They looked at me like I was crazy. I said, ‘No, I’m serious. If there’s anyone who’s going to inspire him, it’d be Stephen King. Steven doesn’t need melody — he needs someone who’s going to inspire him as a wordsmith. I don’t want a guy who’s just writing hits right now.‘”

Read full article here.

Stephen King is a rock/metal fan, so maybe he would have said yes… Someone needs to adapt a Stephen King book and use the screeching sounds from Tyler’s national anthem performance to scare the audience off. Fuck it, Stephen Kings needs help from Tyler, not the other way around.


Steven Tyler screams the national anthem

Is he in pain? Someone give him some help.

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