Trent wins Golden Globe

If you had any doubts about Hollywood’s appreciation of talent, they will be shattered right now. Trent just won the Golden Globe for best soundtrack.

I mean, not that the Golden Globes were ever too trustworthy,  you can take out the judges to wine, dine and bribe them, so obviously everyone behind The Social Network did a great campaign since they won everything, but still, this guy should be winning Nintendo’s Retro SNES Soundtrack awards or something.

Don’t get me wrong, The Social Network was a decent flick and I am a big David Fincher fan, it’s just annoying seeing all his other great films get snubbed and this pretty average film get all the praise. I’m happy any time I see Fincher winning awards for his work, I just wish he’d win them for movies like Fight Club. Now THAT was a good film… With a good soundtrack.

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