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Rob Halford calls American Idol “a great show”

You’d think the godfather of metal would be against a karaoke show like American Idol… But apparently not… Quite the contrary

It was really special to be invited to that great show — and we call it a great show, because the essence of it is really important — it’s just a nice, big strong way to introduce new vocal talent to America.

Read full article here.

You know, I want to make a gay joke or something, but I agree. The show is cheesy, but it is ultimately making people care a bit more about music, and a bit more about vocal talent, so it’s not a bad concept — just a bad show.

I did kinda defend the show earlier this year, so you might want to read that article. It involves another metal legend.



Halford considers himself “a lower-case gay.” Alex laughs at the term.

Rob Halford is a metal icon, regardless of what type of porn he watches. His sexuality is none of my business, but his description of his sexuality simply made me laugh.

I consider myself a lower-case gay, not screaming like my good friend [porn director and drag queen] Chi Chi LaRue. I love all my friends in the community, and if the moment came [for induction into the Hall Of Fame], it would be a tremendous moment, not just for the band and our fans, but for the whole LGBT community.

Read full article here.

I never heard of an upper-case gay… Thinking about it, that sounds like Elton John.

But seriously, I guess he means he’s not all ‘in your face’ about his sexuality — which is true. But could he not think of a better term?

And why would his ‘Hall of Fame’ induction be a ‘tremendous moment’ for the LGBT? Surely the LGBT wants equal treatment for gays and lesbians, so why would they make a big deal out of Rob’s induction, in a ‘OH GOODIE, ONE OF US GOT IN!!!’ way? Isn’t that against the concept of ‘equal rights’?

The ‘Hall of Fame’ is all about music, and Judas Priest have done a lot for it. They deserve to be there, sexuality is not an issue, therefore making this induction a ‘win’ for the gay community is, to me, kind of against what they stand for.

Besides, it’s not like Rob Halford is the first gay guy to be inducted. Weren’t Metallica inducted recently? Kirk has company.

I keed, I keed…


Weekly Dose of Metal: Fight

Following his shock departure from British legends Judas Priest, Rob Halford’s decision to explore other Metal territories (he was becoming far more interested in the thrash and groove styling of bands like Pantera) first became apparent in the form of Fight.

Fight‘s lineup consisted of Halford on vocals, Priest drummer Scott Travis on drums, Russ Parrish on guitar, Brian Tilse on guitar and keyboards and Jack “Jay Jay” Brown on bass guitar. The band released two studio albums in their time, both of which were critically acclaimed by the majority of the metal media and fans alike.

The track ‘Kill It’ taken from 1993’s War of Words can be heard below.

And because it’s also worth checking out, the power ballad ‘For All Eternity’ taken from the same album can also be heard. Hell, just listen to the whole album. It’s fucking brill!


When trying to look cool goes wrong

I’ve seen Judas Priest live twice, so I always wondered if his bike ever malfunctioned, or if it just embarrassed him in any way during his ‘oh, look at me! I’m a biker!’ moment on stage.

Guess my question has been answered with a video.

Check the video above and laugh your ass off. I don’t think he got hurt (didn’t check, I really don’t want to play paramedic with him, if you know what I mean), so you can sleep tonight after laughing at another man’s misfortune.

The fall is at around 0:22, by the way.


Tuesday Trivia: Metal games


Hey, what’s your favorite metal game? Mine include:

  • moshing with metal attachements on my boots
  • throwing a glass beer bottle at a concert behind me and seeing how many people bleed
  • kicking a wigger

I’m kidding of course. Except maybe for the last one. The games we’ll be covering today have nothing to do with concerts. In fact, they’re my favorite games — the ones that don’t make you leave the house. Make the jump and get familiar with some of the heavy metal video games.

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