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You don’t mess with Limp Bizkit fans

Limp Bizkit

Brisbane Times are reporting that a fight between two men, involving a Limp Bizkit CD, led to a murder of one of them. You’d think that the Bizkit fan was the murdered one, but no, it was the other way around, apparently.

The court was told Emmanuel McPherson, 48, objected when his flatmate, James Albert Madden, played a Limp Bizkit album on Mr McPherson’s stereo.

A fight then broke out, in which Mr Madden allegedly beat Mr McPherson to death.

Let me guess, he got mad wigger skills and shit, yo? Someone being murdered is no laughing matter, but Limp Bizkit is, so excuse me for making a joke out of this. We can only pray the James guy blames Limp Bizkit‘s satanic metal music so we see them in jail as well.


Metal goes acoustic: Go Fourth

Acoustic Metal fans are in for a real treat today. Today’s cover is the Thrash classic, Break Stuff, originally by Limp Bizkit. Whilst the original was great in its own right, it wasn’t without its flaws. With this cover, done by two guys, those flaws seem to be have completely eradicated. The lyrical genius of Fred Durst is highlighted with the vocals becoming much more prominent in this acoustic mix. In addition, while it may be difficult to believe, but the vocalist manages to be an even better rapper than Freddy D.

Overall, the cover does manage to surpass the quality of the original track, but I do feel it is missing some random beer swilling during the chorus’ and perhaps even some real breaking of “stuff” in the background to accompany the wonderful track. Perhaps I’m just nitpicking though.



Weak Recap: We’re better than you

Fact 1: We love interviews.
Fact 2: Our opinion is great.
Fact 3: Lame week recaps are lame

Taking that into consideration, we realized we do want to make a week recap at the end of each week, but not just a lame list of all our articles or something. So we decided to go narcissistic and just interview each other about the previous week’s most important headlines. Since this week recap is weak, we’re calling it a Weak Recap. Clever, right? Blow me.

So this weekend I’m interviewing Guido. We’ll take turns interviewing each other because let’s face it, we rule. So make the jump to see what he has to say about what went on in the last 7 days.


The second biggest disaster this year is coming

Limp Bizkit

…and I don’t think the world is going to survive this one. According to ThePRP, Limp Bizkit have teamed up with none other than Lil Wayne on a song on their upcoming album “Gold Cobra.” The governments of the world are concerned, UN are coordinating preemptive measures such as building massive world-wide sound shelters, while Red Cross is on standby and collecting Amon Amarth CDs to give out as first aid.

We also predict Wes Borland is about to leave the band once again after he gets humiliated by Lil Wayne’s guitar skills. Make the jump to witness the guitar god at his best.


Friday Top 10: Heavy metal soap operas

Heavy metal. The genre which you’d think that uses fists and bad ass guitar show-offs to settle differences. Well, no luck there. Especially with the rise of the internet, following certain events makes you want to grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy your daily dose of soap. Therefore, this week’s Top 10: Heavy metal soap operas.

Make the jump to read the Top 10.

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