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New Soulfly! Fly high!

Max Cavalera (Soulfly)

New Soulfly song is out! War! Hate! Soul! Fly!

It’s called World Scum (World! Scum! War! Hate!), you can download it by visiting this link and following the instructions on that page. It’s coming on their new album Enslaved, which we’ve written about (twice!).

Now, about the song… If you’re hoping for the Prophecy/Dark Ages, or, god forbid, the earlier nu-metalish tribal war Soulfly, you’re in the wrong place. If, however, you liked the last two albums, you’re in for a treat — not only is this straightforward metal with a good touch of death (which is not a huge surprise when Cattle Decapitation singer is a guest vocalist on the track), it also sounds like the last two albums on crack and/or speed.

Good shit, and this is a lot coming from someone who uses every opportunity to poke fun at Max’s mad lyrics writing skills. Lyr! Ics! Wri! Ting!


Soulfly release info about new album and lineup, we take a look


Soulfly have been hard at work on their new album, Enslaved (due out March 13) and the time has come to let us in on it a bit more, and since the band has gone through some line up changes (which we covered before), they also released some promo material, including the photo above.

Okay, let’s take five (hits from the bong) and analyze the band from the only viewpoint that really matters on this website: the fashion one.

Left to right:

1. Tony Campos – This look is totally a no-go, I’m getting a strong ice-cream van guy /child molester vibe, plus the epic hilarious “let’s fight those dragons” pose is a complete failure. Only thing to make this appearance worse would be a sword in his hand. Though it also looks like they caught Tony touching himself then photoshopped his peen out of the pic.

1/5 skulls

2. Max Cavalera – Max, cut that shit. No, I mean this literally, cut that shit out of your hair. What the fuck is that, anyway? It looks fucking gross and it’s beyond a dread, it’s starting to take a life form of its own — probably leeching off of your music talents. It’s almost done its job, btw. Seriously dawg, if I saw you on the street I’d give you a dollar, that’s how much of a hobo you look.

1/5 skulls

P.S. I photoshopped monster dreads out of Max’s hair, and he almost looks like a decent human being.

Max without dreads

Potential score, without dreads:

1/5 skulls

3. David Kinkade – SUP BRAH?

1/5 skulls

4. Marc Rizzo – Marc took up the baldie look for 2012 and reminds me a bit of our own Guido, which grants him:

5/5 skulls

By the way, if you’re interested in how the Dose of Metal writers do on this test, we go way beyond five skulls. That’s why Marc got five just for slightly resembling one of us. God, we’re almost too awesome.

Okay bitches, now that I’m done with possibly the gayest post I ever made, you’re safe to make the jump, and enjoy a promo clip for the new lineup, as well as the album cover (don’t even get me started on the purple).


Soulfly’s new album title has shocked me


I’ve made plenty of jokes regarding Soulfly and Max Cavalera’s rather limited writing abilities, and guess what, I’m gonna keep doing it. Why? Because I can hide behind my computer screen, and pen is mightier than Max Cavalera’s fist. Or his rather limited writing abilities.

The news today is that the band have a new album coming out, and it’s titled Enslaved. The track list is as follows:

  • Resistance
  • World Scum
  • Intervention
  • Gladiator
  • Legions
  • American Steel
  • Redemption Of Man By God
  • Treachery
  • Plata O Plomo
  • Revengeance
  • Chains
  • Slave
  • Bastards
  • Soulfly VIII

Looking at it, I can only think Max saw that episode of South Park where they make fun of Family Guy and say it’s written by manatees, and took it way too seriously.

The most interesting news, though, is in the lineup department. Tony Campos is taking up the bass player’s position, while marking another change in a quite surprisingly long and stable Soulfly lineup is the departure of drummer Joe Nunez, and his replacement with David Kinkade.

The album is coming out March 13, 2012.


Soulfly drummer likes his own record

Soulfly drummer David Kinkade (not pictured above, can’t be bothered to look for a photo of him, so one of Max will have to do for now, bitch) likes his new record, and according to him it’s sick and ‘thrashy as fuck.’

We’ll have to take his word for it, cause it’s not like he’s being subjective or anything…

The record is sounding fucking SICK. Thrashy as fuck… totally Arise on crack and speed.

Read full article here.

Wow, so it’s Sepultura meets Charlie Sheen, is that what he’s trying to say? Good God, sounds lovely. How do you translate ‘#winning’ in Portuguese?


Oh no he didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser has a thing or two to say about Max Cavalera’s evolution as a singer (or lack thereof). I guess being asked about him over and over again, even though he left the band in 1996, can get a brother irritated:

“Soulfly has had so many different formations, so you lose kind of a characteristic sound there. Of course, Max and his vocals is what it is. I mean, he’s been writing the same stuff over and over again. And in that sense I don’t think he has really evolved too much. When working with different musicians all the time it’s kind of hard to have a characteristic sound or try to do something original. And then with Cavalera Conspiracy, it’s weird to think that he can really work songs like that with just like a drummer there. So I don’t really see the partnership that they’re going. It’s just like a bunch of Max songs that have a different drummer. But, you know, it is what it is.

Read full interview here.

Oh snap! Ya done did it, son. You just done got Max Cavalera all mad now, ya feel me? Just wait till Max unleashes an all caps rage on yo ass in the press, son… Whaaat?

I have no idea why I’ve gone all street on you, nor do I know if that’s borderline racism (fingers crossed), but yeah, it’s a pretty direct thing to say. I guess playing a few Big Four gigs got Andreas some new-found balls, eh?

When asked about Andreas’ comments, Max Cavalera had no comment. He did utter some noise, but no one understood what he had to say.

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