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Serj has an app

Serj is down with the Apple technology, son. Whaaaat? Wesside!

Apparently he has an app out for the iPhone, iPad and iPod (the hipster gadget trio) called ‘I Am Serj.’ Because he is Serj, and it is his app. Is it an app that sends push notes to your device and sets reminders about the Armenian genocide? Nope, it’s music-related.

You can watch a video of Serj playing with his app after the jump. But I have one question…


Weak Recap: We’re better than you

Fact 1: We love interviews.
Fact 2: Our opinion is great.
Fact 3: Lame week recaps are lame

Taking that into consideration, we realized we do want to make a week recap at the end of each week, but not just a lame list of all our articles or something. So we decided to go narcissistic and just interview each other about the previous week’s most important headlines. Since this week recap is weak, we’re calling it a Weak Recap. Clever, right? Blow me.

So this weekend I’m interviewing Guido. We’ll take turns interviewing each other because let’s face it, we rule. So make the jump to see what he has to say about what went on in the last 7 days.


Think Tankian

Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian, the up and coming politician and/or general douchebag, has many tricks up his sleeve when it comes to being creative and spreading his message. Here’s how it went for his first solo album: 1) Release album. 2) Release a symphonic version of said album.

He decided to push the envelope for his second solo album, Imperfect Harmonies (read a review here): 1) Release album. 2) Release a remix version of said album.

To make things worse, it seems that he couldn’t pay enough amateurs to remix the entire thing, so only “selected” tracks will make it as an EP. View the cover after the jump.


Dose Of Overrated

Ever purchased an album because either your buddy, an editor from your favorite metal magazine or a few random people on a message board raved about it being so awesome, yet that certain album didn’t click with you as you imagined? Of course!  I think that has happened to all of us.  Well, here are 7 albums that fit that description perfectly, in my humble opinion.  Why 7?  Why not a top 10 list you ask?  Because today is not Friday, you silly goose.

Make the jump for the 7 most overrated albums of the 2000s.


Serj has fans?

There’s one thing you need to know about Serj Tankian fans. They don’t really exist. So imagine my surprise when I read that he has answered fan-submitted questions.

That’s like being 25 and hearing Santa is waiting for your letter. I mean, at a certain age you just stop believing in this stuff. Of course, this begs the question “Is your dad dressing up as a Serj fan and submitting questions?” — Good point. I’ll get back to you on that. In the meantime, check out this hilarious pretend game Serj played, after the jump.

When asked why every Armenian surname ends with “-ian,” Serj had no comment.

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