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Sonisphere UK adds more bands

Sonisphere in the UK has made another announcement, adding more bands to their already fantastic lineup.

Legendary Nu-Metal band (a bit like saying legendary 40 year old virgin really – not cool and a bit of a paradox) Limp Bizkit will be making their return to the festival this year, playing before headliner Slipknot on the Sunday night. So you can party the night away like it’s 1999.

Joining Limp Bizkit will be Kids In Glass Houses, Gallows, One Minute Silence, Volbeat, Gojira, Inme, Darkest Hour and numerous other bands.

Of course, the biggest reason to check out the festival this year though, remains The Big Four. Check out our interview with Mr David Ellefson of Megadeth right here. And you can find all your UK Sonisphere news here.


Dose of the Nu

Nu-Metal isn’t exactly the most popular of genres. It’s the guy that never got the prom date, the girl that was still a virgin at 35, and the guy that was always picked last for sports. It’s the underdog, and in many respects, that’s exactly why so many kids identified with the genre. Let’s be honest though, the year is no longer 1999 and most of us have since grown up and realized the music was crap.

However, for every 1,000 misogynistic, shitty songs about sex, and every 2,000 songs about how much parents suck, there was at least one or two gems that actually stood out from the cesspit of a genre.

So, want to listen to 5 Nu-Metal songs that don’t suck (well in my opinion, feel free to disagree)? Then get your dosage after the jump. Before you do though, please realize that I don’t care who or what is Nu-Metal as I don’t even recognize it as a real genre. So don’t bother telling me that some a band is actually “Industrial Aggro Alternative Carnival Funk Grunge Metal” instead please, because not only do I not care, I also don’t care.


Chris Adler isn’t a Fred Durst fan

The ever so modest Chris Adler, of Lamb of God, who just the other day educated us on how “amazing” LOG are, has blasted Fred Durst (of Limp Bizkit) in a recent interview (welcome to the bandwagon, Chris).

Chris Adler was asked by Roadrunner Records, what was the “crappiest moment in music in the last 30 years?” and responded with just two words: Fred Durst. He then went on a rant about country music, as if anyone below the age of dead cares about country anyways…

I’m going to go ahead and assume Chris hasn’t heard 50 Cent, Lady Gaga or The Black Eyed Peas then…. Or his own music for that matter, if he really thinks it’s so unique. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of Lamb of God every now and then, but unique or original, they are not.

Read the full story here.


Limp Bizkit are ready to go

Limp Bizkit are apparently ready to go. Unfortunately for music fans around the world, they don’t mean they’re ready to leave the music industry. Fred Durst has announced via his Twitter account that the band will be releasing a new single soon, titled Ready To Go. Damn, and I so nearly got excited there.

“As of now, new single titled “Ready To Go” by Limp Bizkit, bitch! Update soon.”




Limps N' Roses

Everyone’s favorite Nu-Metal band (which is a bit like saying everyone’s favorite child molester, lets be honest), Limp Bizkit recently covered Guns N’ Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine at a concert in Moscow, Russia.

The band added their own twist to the song… (Read: Dumbed it down), before breaking into Hot Dog.

Check out the cover after the jump. It’s almost as good as the Axl Rose solo band’s cover (AKA the current lineup of Gun’s N’ Roses). Limp Bizkit don’t walk off stage part of the way through though.

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