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What do you get when you cross Slipknot and Limp Bizkit?

Sam Rivers (Limp Bizkit)

Adema? Papa Roach? Crazy Town? Oh nu metal, you so funny.

I am not kidding, though. Slipknot/Stone Sour guitarist Jim Root recently moved to Florida, where he met up with Sam Rivers, Limp Bizkit‘s bass player, and apparently they’re starting a new project. If they get Lil Wayne to be on the vocals, I’m betting 2012 will be nu metal revival year.

My wishes will stay only wishes, because the project they’re working on is electronic music or whatever:

“I live down in Florida now, and you know Sam from Limp Bizkit lives down there. I ran into him the other day. He came over to my house. He’s got a studio in his house and he’s been writing a lot of like weird kind of electronica kind of music that’s you know kinda aerial and spacey and all that stuff, it was really cool.

It had kind of a weird kind of Portishead vibe to it and I love that band, so I think I might… I mean why not. I don’t have enough projects going on, why not add another one.”

That’s too bad, I was just about to look for my baggy pants… Oh well. We’ll keep you updated with the news on this project once we get more news and if we don’t have anything better to do.

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Friday Top 10: Heaviest albums of all time

Just a couple of weeks ago, the UK’s Kerrang magazine counted down their top 10 heaviest albums of all time. The thing is with Kerrang’s list, though, was I just couldn’t really agree with it. I mean they had The Beatles in the top 10! It was obvious the list was a bit of a joke, so I decided I would put together my own top 10. A top 10 that was just a bit more credible, serious, and would appeal more to so called “real” metalheads.

So to the elite, for real fans of Metal, this top 10 is for you. I hope ya’ll enjoy it, yo.


Friday Top 10: Worst band transformations


Fresh of the recently debuted Korn‘s dubstep track, I got an amazing (and very original) idea for a Top 10: let’s take a look at some of the most drastic transformations in hard rock and metal.

List is mostly based on music, though we all know metal goes hand in hand with fashion, so we’ll feature some of that as well. Read on to find ten examples of some of the most horrific, embarrassing or simply plain stupid transformations, in what is could be the first out of two articles.


Fred Durst is a professional joke

As a change from the comedy project he’s currently involved in, Limp Bizkit, frontman Fred Durst has signed a deal with CBS to star in a new sitcom.

The half-an-hour show, currently titled as ‘Douchebag’ (perhaps autobiographical?), will star Fred as a “rock legend” (oh no, wait, my mistake, not autobiographical after all) trying to juggle his family and his famous-person lifestyle. The program will be written by Matthew Carlson (‘Mr. Sunshine’), who will executive-produce with CBS TV studios-based producers Eric and Kim Tannenbaum. In addition, Fred’s manager/producer John Schneider will serve as a non-writing producer.

[ Source: Deadline.com ]


God hates Australia

I don’t really believe in God, but it’s okay if you do (even though you’re wrong and gullible!). But if there is a God (hypothetically speaking, Dave), he clearly hates Australia, how else would you explain the terrible tragedy that is about to happen to them in 2012?

“Soundwave Festival 2012” is taking place around late February, and here are some of the bands confirmed: System of a Down, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson, Lostprophets, and Hole (lol wtf?). I know, right?

God also hates Aussie metalheads, because Machine Head, Mastodon and other decent bands are playing, so metalheads will have to swallow their pride and buy a ticket with Limp Bizkit‘s name on it, just to see those bands. Terrible.

Tickets go on sale October 20 at 9 AM, so you know when NOT to buy them. The official site is here: do not click this.

It’s really sick to see what’s happening to Australia, an otherwise cool and peaceful country. Sorry, guys.

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