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Friday Top 10: Worst grindcore band names

I respect your feelings as a woman.

This week we’re all about love death: Guido’s been keeping your daily dose of death metal on steady supply so far, and I’ve sort of touched on a “grind” subject in this week’s Tuesday Trivia.

I promised I might make a Top 10 out of it (any grind variation included), and I’m a man of my word. I’m also pretty lazy, so this turned to be the perfect Top 10 for me: it’s going to be short and disgusting. Read on.


Tuesday Trivia: The funniest (and/or worst) metal band name

Shocked soccer moms who read Dose of Metal look like this. We're awesome.

Originally, the plan for this Tuesday Trivia was to write something that would tie in with Guido’s awesome death  metal week project. Unfortunately, I had the idea of looking up funny death metal bands (yeah, they exist), which led to funny death metal band names, which further led  me to look for just generally idiotic metal band names.

You can probably figure out what this is building up to: grind.

If there ever was a genre that really pushed the boundaries on all things gross, it was grindcore/death grind/gore grind/whatever grind. I’m fairly certain around 100% of them are, you know, actually kidding, which makes it kind of okay, I guess… Either way, make the jump.

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