Friday Top 10: Replacements for Lars Ulrich

We’ve all fantasized about Metallica having a different drummer… Maybe a faster one, a more technical one, one that doesn’t sue Napster, that sort of thing.

Since they were supposed to perform tonight in India but didn’t, I have ten suggestions for you guys. Ten impressive drummers who would probably own behind a proper kit.

This is a bit different, you’ll see, but it will instantly remind you of St. Anger.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 recommendations for Metallica‘s drummer spot — should it ever be vacant.


This guy is literally stopping traffic with his playing.


This is actually the first street/bucket drumming video I’ve ever seen, must have been eBaumsWorld or something. Yes, before YouTube. I’m old.


I’m no homophobe, but did that guy ask for his number at around 0:13? The red pants gave away his sexuality.


Hipster doofus-ness aside, I’d get this guy in my metal band.


A bit of YYZ for all your Rush needs. Watch how he grabs a beer at around 1:28 without missing a beat.


This guy cheats a bit by having a real cymbal there, but it still sounds rather good.


Probably the most minimalistic approach to street drumming in this top. He looks like he just got a few kitchen stuff together, but he sounds awesome.


I’m amazed at the thick sound the guy gets out of those plastic buckets…


Even cars stop to watch him perform. Love the little “Uhmmm!” sounds he throws in.


Okay, so I got carried away for a second and just looked at TITS and then tried to look for a vag-slip. Still, if she joined Metallica, I’d definitely sign up to be a Metallica groupie.

That’s it for this week’s Friday Top 10. Join us next time where we find more YouTube videos, then randomly arrange them together and try to pass them off as legitimate articles.

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