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Let’s talk about supergroups, baby

I’ve learned about two new “supergroups” this past week. One features David Silveria (former Calvin Klein model/drummer for Korn) and the second features Dani Filth (former Versace model/vocalist for Cradle of Filth). Good thing they’re in separate bands because crossing them in one would probably result in Earth imploding just to prevent the sounds exiting our orbit and doing damage to the solar system.

The band David’s in is called Infinika, and it also features members of Anyone (as in, “Anyone ever heard about this band?), and I gotta say, the music kinda sucks. But hey, it seems they’re doing it to have fun and to pay off whatever debts and drug habits David’s picked up since leaving Korn and selling his drums on eBay. You can listen to and watch a promo clip above.

Dani’s project is called Temple of the Black Moon, and no, it’s not the next Transformers movie, it’s a band featuring Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), King (ex-Gorgoroth) and John Tempesta (The Cult). I didn’t find any clips with music previews, but if you’re really interested and like, really, really bored, you can “like” their Facebook page for further updates.



You can’t polish a cradle of crap

That title above is my abysmal attempt at being funny. However, it just so happens that it’s not quite as bad as Cradle of Filth‘s abysmal attempt at making music, which is also above (but below the abysmal title), along with some stupid costumes.

The above trailer is in promotion of the band’s forthcoming mini-album, Evermore Darkly.

The album contains some new bonus tracks plus a DVD, which contains live footage and a documentary titled ‘You Can’t Polish A Turd, But You Can Roll It In Glitter’.

Expect it to be shit, but if you’re deluded enough to think otherwise, check out Blabbermouth.


Filth sells… but who’s buying?

Last year’s Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, released by the Linkin Park/Britney Spears techno influenced tribute act, Cradle of Filth, didn’t sell too badly. It seemed to make the charts across various countries in the world, if you choose to believe Wikipedia, that is. So, perhaps that’s why the band have decided to release a new mini-album full of remixes, live shit, and B-sides from the Darkly Darkly sessions. I mean, if you can sell shit once, why not repackage it and try to sell it again, right?

Scheduled for a October 17 release, Evermore Darkly will be a CD/DVD package that includes new tracks, remixes, rarities, an on-the-road documentary and the band’s entire set from this year’s Graspop festival in Belgium.


Justice Leauge of Deathgrind

Shane Embury

We’ve made fun of supergroups before on Dose of Metal, so I thought hard about milking that cow once again. Well, I’m lying. I barely though at all, and was just looking for an excuse to write something for the site.

This time around, we really do have a gem. Justice Leauge of Deathgrind, otherwise known as Lock Up, have had their founding member, Shane Embury (the dude from Napalm Death) interviewed by some guys, and he talks about the band and what not. Apparently, they’ve had a new album come out last month, it’s called “Necropolis Transparent,” and he also discusses the band’s somewhat rotating lineup which includes people who put together will maybe some day be as famous as that clip of my cute cat that went viral at one point.

I am messing witchallz of course, the band has been around for quite a while, and Shane is an awesome guy, so I honestly recommend you make the jump, find out about the current and past members, and hear the album preview. It sounds pretty much like the perfect grind — the one you can actually listen to. Oooooh snap.


What do you get if you cross a transvestite, a disease, and extreme horror?

… The answer my friends, is no, not Lady Gaga, but in fact a brand new extreme Metal band Temple of the Black Moon. According to Blabbermouth, members of Cradle of Filth, Anthrax, and Gorgoroth have joined forces to create this new super group.

Temple of the Black Moon comprise of Dani Filth (CoF), Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), King (ex Gorgoroth) and John Tempesta (formally of White Zombie – and I totally should have slipped a zombie in that title now I think about it). An album release and subsequent live dates are expected to happen around mid-2012, which also coincides with the supposed end of the world. Coincidence?

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