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Foo Fighters win the right to be featured on this website

Foo Fighters

Because they won a “metal” Grammy. A lot of people got super pissed off about this, because the category they won is called hard rock / metal.

To explain: Dear metalheads, hard rock / metal means hard rock OR metal. Not hard rock and metal.

Either way, blame the people at Grammy’s who lumped bands like Dream Theater, Mastodon, Megadeth with Sum 41 and Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl did rock out a Slayer shirt (as seen above) so that makes it completely okay, right?

The thing I only care about is finding out if Skrillex won the best singer Grammy <3


Foo Fighters perform with Alice Cooper

Foo Fighters performed with Alice Cooper (or Alice Cooper performed with Foo Fighters, whichever) yesterday in front of 65,000 people at The National Bowl in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom to perform two of Alice‘s classic tracks — ‘Schools Out’ and ‘I’m 18’.

By the way, random fact alert, but I used to have a crush on Alice Cooper and then someone informed me that he’s a man. The same also happened with Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. Now I don’t know what to think 🙁

Check the video of the performance above.


Kerrang votes Most Influential Rock Bands

So first off, I need to set the record straight. I’ve never bought or read a Kerrang! magazine myself, just like I’ve never read a Metal Hammer magazine. The only metal magazines I get once in a while are Nuclear Blast’s BLAST! magazine and a couple more Merchandising magazines. I’m informing you of that because I want to make clear that my following rant is not meant to be offensive towards a magazine I’ve never even read myself.

With that being said, Kerrang! magazine are having a Top 10 — about the most influential rock groups of the last 30 years — in their next issue and, at first look, it’s incredibly bad and people on other websites are already bitching about it. But you have to take three things into consideration before you make a judgement about said list.

  1. The list was voted by the readers of Kerrang! magazine, therefore it’s not Kerrang’s fault if the list is garbage.
  2. A Top 10 list, especially about a topic like that, is pretty hard to tackle and some people are always going to disagree with some, or all, of the places.
  3. Commenters on Blabbermouth are bitching. So fucking what? That’s all this site is known for.

Now, make the jump to finally see the list and to read my comments about each band, that made the list.


Foo Fighters still play in garages

You thought Foo Fighters were one of the biggest bands around? They are, but it seems playing in random fans’ garages isn’t beneath them. A video of the band playing in some pizza man’s garage can be viewed above.

That’s great and all, but why the fuck weren’t they playing in my garage dammit? Oh well, I’m too busy listening to Napalm Death and masturbating to care.


Friday Top 10: Best live albums

What’s better than listening to your favorite album by your favorite band? Seeing your favorite band live. And what’s better than spending your day watching midget porn? Nothing… uh… I wanted to go somewhere with this… oh yeah! What happens when you combine the first question with the first answer? Not listening to your iPod while you’re at a concert, you dumbass, listening to your favorite band’s live album!

You know why metal bands are the best live performers? Because others aren’t metal. So now I’m listing the best fucking live albums… like… EVER!

Make the jump, you fool!

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