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Sully Erna isn't a Kid Rock but an American Idol fan

To get you started; Kid Rock isn’t an American Idol fan, Steven Tyler isn’t a Kid Rock fan and Godsmack’s Sully Erna isn’t a Kid Rock fan but an American Idol fan.

What is this, Battle of the has-beens? If it is, I don’t think Erna qualifies for it because to become a has-been you have to have had a career of some sort. Bummer.

Anyhow, in response to Kid Rock’s comments, Erna said the following;

Kid Rock needs to shut up. That’s not true. This is gonna be great for TV, man. It’s supposedly the right thing to do to is to rag on a show like that ’cause it’s so popular, and everybody that has a problem most of the time, they have a problem with something that’s really popular — it’s the envy/jealousy thing; I don’t know what it is. I’m not saying that’s what it is with Kid Rock, because I get along with him fine. But I have to disagree. I think it’s brilliant that Steven Tyler is gonna be one of the judges; I think it’s gonna be so good.”

And when asked what he thought about Tyler’s decision to be part of American Idol, he said:

“I think it’s brilliant. Beyond good. I think he’s gonna be the male Paula Abdul, ’cause he’s a little bit dingy, you know what I mean?! He’s probably all pilled up, and he’s gonna be funny. I mean, he’s witty, he’s really witty.”

Most interesting story of 2010… not. I wonder what Kid Rock has to say about it. Really, I do… not.


Erna and Stapp make up!

Sully Erna of Godsmack fame got pissed off and called Creed‘s Scott Stapp names. Then he apologized. Now, the victim himself, Mr. Stapp, has nothing but love and respect for the guy. Pheew, I’m glad this publicity stunt fight is over.

“Sully,I have nothing but love, forgiveness & respect for you bro. Keep rocking & I look forward to catching your show in FL w/my son Jagger. Rock on said Stapp on Twitter.

Read it here. A screenshot of his tweet, after the jump.

Aww, it’s nice to see the kids kissing and making up in time for Halloween. Maybe they can go trick-or-treatin’ together. They could dress up as proper singers!


Godsmack guy apologizes

Do you guys remember a while back, that musically challenged frontman of Godsmack, Sully Erna, had a little outburst on stage, in which he badmouthed Creed and in particular Scott Stapp? If not, have a read here.

Sully Erna has recently apologized to both Creed and the Scott for his actions. It’s a long read, and I doubt anyone cares, but click here if you do.

In other news though, I wish to apologize to both Sully and Godsmack, and their fans if they do exist, for any snide remarks I have made about this band or their singer in the past. I appreciate  that some people may have bad taste in music, and I respect everyone’s right to have bad taste, if they so wish to. Not everyone can have as awesome taste in music as myself, it’s a rare gift that God has blessed me with. No one at DoM, or or of any other legal body has requested that I apologize, and I do this instead because I am just that damn nice.


Saturday Headlines

Max Cavalera (pictured above)  of Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Sepultura (back when they were good) has been interviewed in Australia. Unfortunately, nobody asked him why he keeps a full beard if he can’t grow proper hair on his cheeks. Video after the jump.

Nightwish sounds like that awful Linkin Park / Jay Z album they did, only they took Pavarotti instead of that atrocious rapper. So I’m not excited that they’re recording a new album, and neither should you.

The hired musicians who pretend to be Guns N’ Roses are everything people hated about the original band, with none of their past qualities. Kind of like the opposite of Blade, if you know what I mean. Anyways, they keep coming late at each gig and now they’ll pay a $100,000 fine for playing past the London curfew. Awesome news.

Apparently there was a contest about playing poker with Godsmack. My guess is, the winner would avoid going to a Godsmack concert, the losers had to play poker with them. Video of the poor schmucks who lost, after the jump.


Pot calls the kettle black

Those are the words I read from one Blabbermouth user in regards to Godsmack frontman, Sully Erna‘s recent pathetic outburst on stage, in which he calls Creed vocalist, Scott Stapp a “f*ggot”. During his little rant, he attempted to encourage the fans to be “hardcore” and ‘fuck shit up’ blah blah etc.

It’s pretty embarrassing to watch, but if you want to watch Sully make a tit of himself, do so after the jump. Or you could just watch some real Metal instead.

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