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Erna and Stapp make up!

Sully Erna of Godsmack fame got pissed off and called Creed‘s Scott Stapp names. Then he apologized. Now, the victim himself, Mr. Stapp, has nothing but love and respect for the guy. Pheew, I’m glad this publicity stunt fight is over.

“Sully,I have nothing but love, forgiveness & respect for you bro. Keep rocking & I look forward to catching your show in FL w/my son Jagger. Rock on said Stapp on Twitter.

Read it here. A screenshot of his tweet, after the jump.

Aww, it’s nice to see the kids kissing and making up in time for Halloween. Maybe they can go trick-or-treatin’ together. They could dress up as proper singers!


Pot calls the kettle black

Those are the words I read from one Blabbermouth user in regards to Godsmack frontman, Sully Erna‘s recent pathetic outburst on stage, in which he calls Creed vocalist, Scott Stapp a “f*ggot”. During his little rant, he attempted to encourage the fans to be “hardcore” and ‘fuck shit up’ blah blah etc.

It’s pretty embarrassing to watch, but if you want to watch Sully make a tit of himself, do so after the jump. Or you could just watch some real Metal instead.

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