Sullintellectual Erna

Sully Erna loves his album. We don’t. But who cares what we think, right?

This is a more intellectual side of me that I did because I like playing this kind of music. Godsmack, yeah, it’s about the music, but it’s also about the energy, the pyro, and the show. This is about the music. This is back to like when Pink Floyd put out “Dark Side Of The Moon” holy shit, he’s not comparing himself to that, is he?

Not that I’m comparing myself to that, but I hope that it holds up like that. I hope people realize that this is all about the music, the visuals, and the journey it takes you in when you close your eyes and listen to these sounds.” — we realize that, but the journey it took us while listening to it was the musical equivalent of being kidnapped by a nympho werewolf who rapes you and then dumps you in the woods in a pool of blood.

Full interview here.

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