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Machine Head threaten to ruin my birthday

When it comes to Machine Head, I’m like the girl who puts up with years of physical and emotional abuse because she knows that, deep down, he’s the same man she fell in love with during that amazing summer they shared like 20 years ago.   Because I’m still hoping for 1994 Robb Flynn to sweep me off my feet and tell me everything is going to be OK, I always try to see Machine Head when they come to my city.  So it goes without saying that I was excited to see this on Blabbermouth the other day:

San Francisco Bay Area metallers Machine Head will embark on a North American headlining tour…

Hey, they’re coming to town on my birthday!  Sweet!  Wait… what was the rest of that press release?

…with support from Suicide Silence, Darkest Hour and Rise To Remain.

Shit.  I didn’t see that coming.  Let’s see what we’re working with here (after the jump).


Darkest Hour interview

Oh look, I wasn’t lying.

Clicking ‘play’ above will cause a time vortex to open up where exciting things will happen in an alternate universe where you probably get laid, and have a job, and you can read a post from me that doesn’t detail the boring interviews of boring bands that you probably don’t care about, within dreadfully awfully structured writing.

Wow, what an awful sentence. In other news, the above video is actually just an interview with guitarist Mike Schleibaum of Metalcore metallers, Darkest Hour. If you’re also interested in some live footage of the band, you can view some at Blabbermouth.

The interview was conducted by Superskum.



Clever title, right? Blow me. Let’s talk some headlines, yo:

Slipknot (pictured above) played their first headlining show without Paul Gray two days ago in Berlin. What’s interesting about this performance is that they got their old red suits and old masks for it. Nostalgia alert, if you ever liked them. Make the jump to see a few badly shot videos of the gig. Or don’t. See if I care.

We’ve talked before about Queensrÿche, the band that has two dots over the y, making me go to Wikipedia so I can copy it and paste it here. Their drummer, Marko Syrjälä (argh, here we go again with those dots), talked about the new album and a bunch of other stuff in this interview. Their guitarist,  Mike Wilton, also talked about the new album, but in a statement on their official site. Apparently he’s 100% behind the new record. Gee, what a surprise.

Katatonia have released a free iPhone app. It’s called ‘Katatonia’ (go figure) and you can get it here. The great thing about it is that it lists all the band’s tour dates, so you know which cities to avoid and when. Awesome.

Bruce Dickinson’s son also has a band. And that band will release their debut album in September. Gee, I wonder if who his daddy is played a part in them getting a record deal. Doubtful. In the music industry, it’s not whom you know, it’s simply about talent. Haha,  I crack myself up. Anyways, band is called Rise To Remain, album is called City Of Vultures and you can watch the video of their debut single after the jump.

Machine Head will tour Europe with Bring Me The Horizon, Devildriver and Darkest Hour later this year. In other equally interesting news, I spilled mustard on my favorite shirt today. Dates after the jump.


Darkest Hour also like streams

It seems Melodic Death Metalcore-r’s (or something…) Darkest Hour may have read my earlier post on bands’ like for releasing streams. The band have released a brand new song called Love as a Weapon (aww and it’s Valentine’s Day too, how nice) for streaming and can be heard on the band’s Facebook page.

They’re crafty dude’s though, as you’ll have to ‘like’ the band first before you can listen to the song. The sneaky bunch.

In other news, as reported earlier, the band will be playing this year’s UK Sonisphere festival.


Sonisphere UK adds more bands

Sonisphere in the UK has made another announcement, adding more bands to their already fantastic lineup.

Legendary Nu-Metal band (a bit like saying legendary 40 year old virgin really – not cool and a bit of a paradox) Limp Bizkit will be making their return to the festival this year, playing before headliner Slipknot on the Sunday night. So you can party the night away like it’s 1999.

Joining Limp Bizkit will be Kids In Glass Houses, Gallows, One Minute Silence, Volbeat, Gojira, Inme, Darkest Hour and numerous other bands.

Of course, the biggest reason to check out the festival this year though, remains The Big Four. Check out our interview with Mr David Ellefson of Megadeth right here. And you can find all your UK Sonisphere news here.

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