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Dez Fafara and Randy Blythe speak out on piracy

Dez Fafara (Devildriver)

We’ve kind of touched on this on Wednesday, and here we go again. As you know, Megaupload has been shut down last night, which got a lot of people upset because they lost their favorite place to share “large family photo albums” with their friends, which really fucking annoys me. It’s people like those that risk the whole structure of the internet because they lost their favorite place to get free shit from, and their voices are the loudest. People who actually understand the full implications of SOPA and PIPA and whatever else there is will always get blamed of being thieves because of same people.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think extreme copyright is good for anyone. Imagine a situation where megacorporations (haha, mega) actually control everything on the internet. Imagine their greedy asses then. I can bet you $5 right now that this website would have probably never existed, because same companies would probably want to charge us for whatever shitty photo of a band or musician we put up on this website. Can’t post photos of their slaves. Imagine Garfield Minus Garfield in such a world. It would probably be called Garfield Minus Garfield Minus Garfield minus whatever else was in the original comic.

On the other hand, we’re in a situation where the average retard that can barely turn the computer knows how to find every new music album, TV show or movie for free. I don’t give a shit how entitled you feel, that ain’t right.

I could go on and on, and I could paint this picture in a thousand ways, it would probably always turn out grey. Corporations will always be too greedy, people will always find way to pirate stuff… I did however want to post thoughts of Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) and Dez Fafara (Devildriver), as well as Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen here because unlike you and me, they actually live on music, and their words have more merit than some douchebag who feels pissed off because he couldn’t leech the latest Twilight movie, and screams about how his internet rights have been stripped. Make the jump for a series of quotes taken from Twitter (and a statement by Avildsen), and thanks to ThePRP for doing my job and compiling them.


More bands for Download


Download is trying hard this year, and well, the lineup is already pretty fucking sweet. Besides the three headliners (The Prodigy, Metallica, Black Sabbath), a bunch of other ones have been added to the annual Download festival, namely: Soundgarden, Lamb of God, Machine Head, Tenacious D (if you wanna see Jack Black be funny play music stand there with a guitar), Trivium, Anthrax, Devin Townsend Project, Chase and Status (if you feel like vibing to some raves), Devildriver

Wait, why the fuck am I wasting my fucking fingers when I can just post the photo. Make the jump and check the poster out, and don’t forget, more bands to be announced.


Devildriver frontman discusses artists who have inspired him

Dez Fafara, the vocalist of Devildriver, recently discussed some of the artists who have inspired him. But unfortunately he failed to mention me 🙁

You can watch the interview above, which was conducted by All The Rage TV.


Morton and Fafara sitting in a tree…

If you like collaborations between great musicians, I got news for you: This piece of news isn’t for you.

For everyone else, check this out. Devildriver singer Dez Fafara and Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton are joining forces to create a new project.

I know what you’re thinking straight away: “I want to know what bands this project ‘sounds like’!!” — Boy, are you in luck.

According to Fafara, it’s “Circus of Power meets Badmotorfinger-era Soundgarden.”
According to Morton, it’s the band Trouble that is the biggest influence.

When will this be released? No one knows, all we know is there will be 14 tracks. We also know they’re being described as being ‘killer,’ but let’s be honest, they may be biased.

Source: Blabbermouth


Metalheadlines: Kill me now edition

That photo above will give me nightmares for the following weeks. Boner killer.

Lady Gaga (pictured above) keeps trying to fool us into thinking she likes metal. She keeps using Iron Maiden‘s name, too, which is total blasphemy. We’ve heard your songs, bitch, the only thing metal about you is the cage I’d put you in, given the chance.

Devildriver‘s bassist, Aaron “Bubble” Patrick, was injured. I’m sorry to hear that, and I wish him a speedy recovery. But being the glass-half-full guy that I am,  I’m looking on the bright side: Their tour is on hold.

Gwar lead singer (and I use the term singer very, very loosely) got canned from Fox News because he pulled a stunt where he decapitated Sarah Palin, or something. Getting fired from that channel is a bit like getting fired as a janitor. If you’re not even good at the worst job in the world, what on Earth are you good at? I didn’t even know you had a job there, but I laugh at you, Oderus Urungus!

Chickenfoot bassist says new Chickenfoot album has ‘more meat.’ PETA are gonna have a blast with this band.

Alice In Chains are working on new music. That’s not the only bad news, they also use Heart‘s Ann Wilson as their PR agent. Ann called their new music ‘amazing,’ so that should give you a hint about her taste in music.

Sepultura‘s new album, Kairos, sold 2,500 copies in the U.S. in its first week of release. That’s 700 copies more than Megadeth‘s Peace Sells reissue. MAJORLOLZ.

And finally, Anthrax‘s upcoming studio effort, Worship Music, has a pre-order bundle ready. You know what that means? It means that if you pre-order it, you get a bundle of joy in your life. I’m as funny as Lady Gaga‘s small penis.

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