Bands still like streams

Want to hear some new music for free, and not have to commit to actually hitting a download button? Great news then, because lots of bands have been offering their music free for streaming recently (as like 99% of bands have been doing for years anyways).

Amon Amarth, which you should know by now, are awesome, have released another new song. Slaves of Fear can be heard here. It’s so awesome, that I just ditched my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, so I can listen to this on repeat for the next 7 hours.

If that’s a little too awesome for you though (how many times am I going to say ‘awesome’ in this post?), then try something a little softer instead. Becoming the Archetype (yes, “who?” indeed) have released a new song, The Magnetic Sky online for streaming. Check it out here.

Finally, Devildriver have also released a new song for streaming. You Make me Sick (which also happens to be the words I uttered to my now ex-girlfriend today when I ditched her to listen to Metal instead) can be heard here.

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