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GuitarWorld interviews Katatonia

If that ain’t the snappiest title yet, then call me unsnappy the unhappy dinosaur and throw me to the girls.

Aniruddh “Andrew” Bansal of GuitarWorld.com recently conducted an interview with the Swedish doom rockers Katatonia at the Mayan theater in Los Angeles, California, and you can watch the video above.

For more Katatonia related news, check out Blabbermouth. There’s talk of vinyl, live dvd’s and other cool shit.


Weekly Dose of Metal: Katatonia

Katatonia, the Swedish metallers (not the crappy Welsh band from the 90s), really are a cheery bunch, singing songs about happiness, jumping for joy and singing praises in the name of being a tip top happy cunt.

No, in seriousness, the band are so depressing that they make Staind look like those annoying children’s entertainers that won’t stop smiling no matter how much shit you shout/throw at them. Unlike Staind, however, Katatonia are a damn good band and aren’t a bunch of musically challenged men, writing high school level poetry about how “crap” life is.

Originally,the band began composing more Death/Doom style music, but eventually the band grew into a more straight rock act incorporating clean singing. You can check out ‘In Death, A Song’ taken from 1999’s Tonight’s Decision below.




Clever title, right? Blow me. Let’s talk some headlines, yo:

Slipknot (pictured above) played their first headlining show without Paul Gray two days ago in Berlin. What’s interesting about this performance is that they got their old red suits and old masks for it. Nostalgia alert, if you ever liked them. Make the jump to see a few badly shot videos of the gig. Or don’t. See if I care.

We’ve talked before about Queensrÿche, the band that has two dots over the y, making me go to Wikipedia so I can copy it and paste it here. Their drummer, Marko Syrjälä (argh, here we go again with those dots), talked about the new album and a bunch of other stuff in this interview. Their guitarist,  Mike Wilton, also talked about the new album, but in a statement on their official site. Apparently he’s 100% behind the new record. Gee, what a surprise.

Katatonia have released a free iPhone app. It’s called ‘Katatonia’ (go figure) and you can get it here. The great thing about it is that it lists all the band’s tour dates, so you know which cities to avoid and when. Awesome.

Bruce Dickinson’s son also has a band. And that band will release their debut album in September. Gee, I wonder if who his daddy is played a part in them getting a record deal. Doubtful. In the music industry, it’s not whom you know, it’s simply about talent. Haha,  I crack myself up. Anyways, band is called Rise To Remain, album is called City Of Vultures and you can watch the video of their debut single after the jump.

Machine Head will tour Europe with Bring Me The Horizon, Devildriver and Darkest Hour later this year. In other equally interesting news, I spilled mustard on my favorite shirt today. Dates after the jump.


Hey! It’s time for headlines!

Today is June 6th and that means it’s ‘Internatinal Day of Slayer’, a day where dumb/redneck Slayer fans dedicated Slayer fans get heavily intoxicated, listen to Slayer all day and randomly yell “SLAYER” every 10 minutes or so.  So, uh, yeah… SLAYER!!!!

Queensryche recently just released a brand spanking new song titled, ‘Around The World’.  The track comes off their upcoming new album, ‘Dedicated To Chaos’, which will be released on June 28th.  Interesting… Queensryche still make music?  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy them.  Operation:Mindcrime and Empire are great records.  I’m just surprised they are still around.  I’ve not heard anything new from them in ages.   As usual, you have to “like” the band on Facebook to listen to the track.

Jane’s Addiction > Nirvava.  Well, that’s what Tom Morello basically said.  Tom was inducting Jane’s Addiction into the Guitar Center RockWalk and said

Nirvana often gets credit for being the first ‘alternative’ band to break through, the band that changed music and led rock out of the hair metal wilderness of the ’80s. That’s just not true. It was Jane’s Addicton: inspiring intelligent, furiously rocking and artistically deep.”  The thing is, I don’t really care.

He’s got a point.  The thing is, I don’t really care.  Nirvana died in 1994 and the latest Jane’s Addiction song sounds like this

Opeth, one of the best live bands around, have released a handful of North American dates for their upcoming tour with Katatonia.  Not a big Katatonia fan, but that’s not stopping me from going to see Opeth live for the 4th time.  Tour dates can be found here


Katatonia vs. Thieves

Katatonia, the band named after a lollipop flavor, had some bad luck. Their guitars got stolen.

Unfortunately the gig reached an all-time low. Two of our guitars got stolen (including the straps and the wireless transmitters), obviously causing performance difficulties, frustration and anger.

It’s not all bad, though. They had a competition where you could win a guitar and some pickups. Alex has a solution. Enter that competition, win the gear, continue touring.

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