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Metal Kino: Why You Do This

It’s time for a new metal documentary. Why You Do This is “a documentary about happiness, money & tech metal.” The film follows Michael Dafferner, satellite engineer and vocalist of an “unknown math-core metal band called Car Bomb.” It also includes interviews with members of Lamb of God, Gojira, Goatwhore and Charred Walls of the Damned (who?).

I haven’t watched it myself yet, but I will try to do so sometime soon. Feel free to let me know if it’s any good in the comments section. Or don’t. I won’t read it most likely either way.


Gojira will enter studio next month

When I first read this news, I was thinking “wow, well October is just around the corner”, and then I realized, we are in October (where does time fly to?). So that means, come November, Gojira will be entering the studio to record the new album, scheduled for release in early 2012.

In other news, the band were also working on the Sea Sheperd EP, but this has been delayed due to some of the material being lost on a hard drive which has crashed. For what ever reason, I guess the band didn’t think of backing up their work, huh?

For more information, check out Blabbermouth.

Photo credit: Jeff Barringer


Friday Top 26: Heavy Metal Alphabet

We’ve done so many Top 10’s already, but this time we’ve decided to top it all with a Top 26. 26? There was something with 26, right? You got it! The Latin alphabet, that is used in most countries on this planet, has 26 letters.

So what are we going to do with these 26 letters? Well, every band has a bandname, and every bandname consists of letters. Can you follow me so far? We’re going to list the best band for each letter of the Latin alphabet (including their best song and album).

Ain’t that cool, now? It sure is. Make the jump for 26 letters and 26 ear-shattering Metal bands!


Watch Gojira live

Watch Gojira live. Why? Because I said so bitch!

The above footage is fan-filmed video footage of Gojira‘s entire performance at the FortaRock festival, which was held July 2, 2011 at Park Brakkestein in Nijmegen, Holland.

Now, if you excuse me… *fap* *fap *fap*


New Gojira EP details

Thanks to Metal Hammer we have some more details regarding the upcoming special EP from Gojira.

The EP is going to feature a whole wealth of artists, so it’s like all your favorite porn stars involved in one awesome film. Only this is music and it won’t make people think you’re a weird pervert, but my analogy sure will make people think I’m one. Oh well…

The EP will feature none other than Devin Townsend, Randy from Lamb of God, Max Cavalera of four million bands (Soulfly etc), Anders of In Flames, and some of the dudes from Meshuggah. It’s also for charity and Greenpeace, but I don’t really care about the preachy crap, because I’m hardcore like that. If you do, however, you can get all the details from Metal Hammer.

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