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Amon Amarth make a good System

Is there no limit to Amon Amarth‘s talent? Not content with writing some of the greatest Metal songs ever, the band have decided to improve other songs. System of a Down aren’t exactly the best band ever, and they’re heavily overrated, but don’t let that stop you checking out Amon‘s cover of SOAD‘s Aerials above. They don’t just cover the song, they completely re-create it into a far superior song.

Right now I’m more confused than when I first saw a picture of Brad Pitt topless when I was 14. It’s a System song, but good… How did Amon Amarth do this!? Should I like it? Of course I should, it’s Amon Amarth!


Some Saturday interviews

It’s a late Saturday afternoon, you’re hungover and your head is pounding as you’re listening to the boring sounds of someone indulging in a 50 minute fretboard wank. No you’re not stuck in a guitar shop listening to some old man showing off, you’ve only gone and put a John 5 solo album on by mistake. Quick, put some Amon Amarth on before you die of boredom.

What does that have to do with interviews? Well it seems that I accidentally clicked on a John 5 interview by mistake, which, in case you care, can be found here.What I really wanted to be listening to though, is this interview with Amon Amarth‘s bassist, Ted Lundström, found here.

Amon Amarth will be releasing their 8th studio album Surtur Rising on March 29th (cover art found above, albeit cropped). Be sure to pick it up if you know what’s good for you.

In other news, a bunch of musicians you couldn’t care less about were also interviewed, including the Accept guitarist, my Grandma, and the drummer from Epica.


Friday Top 10: Best live albums

What’s better than listening to your favorite album by your favorite band? Seeing your favorite band live. And what’s better than spending your day watching midget porn? Nothing… uh… I wanted to go somewhere with this… oh yeah! What happens when you combine the first question with the first answer? Not listening to your iPod while you’re at a concert, you dumbass, listening to your favorite band’s live album!

You know why metal bands are the best live performers? Because others aren’t metal. So now I’m listing the best fucking live albums… like… EVER!

Make the jump, you fool!


Bands still like streams

Want to hear some new music for free, and not have to commit to actually hitting a download button? Great news then, because lots of bands have been offering their music free for streaming recently (as like 99% of bands have been doing for years anyways).

Amon Amarth, which you should know by now, are awesome, have released another new song. Slaves of Fear can be heard here. It’s so awesome, that I just ditched my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, so I can listen to this on repeat for the next 7 hours.

If that’s a little too awesome for you though (how many times am I going to say ‘awesome’ in this post?), then try something a little softer instead. Becoming the Archetype (yes, “who?” indeed) have released a new song, The Magnetic Sky online for streaming. Check it out here.

Finally, Devildriver have also released a new song for streaming. You Make me Sick (which also happens to be the words I uttered to my now ex-girlfriend today when I ditched her to listen to Metal instead) can be heard here.


Video of the Week: Amon Amarth

Hooray, I got another category to torture you people with my favorite shit! Just like my other collumn, Weekly Dose of Metal, Video of the Week is a collumn to show you stuff you might not know about just yet. Instead of just posting songs, this one concentrates on music videos though. It will not only feature music videos but also live videos, which are videos with music, too, so they’re music videos to me!

As you can see, I chose a rather well known band for my first post though. There’s a simple reason for that: Amon Amarth own and ‘Guardians of Asgaard’ is not only one of my favorite songs off ‘Twilight of the Thunder God,’ but also has a metal-as-fuck video for it. The song and video features Lars Göran Petrov, frontman of Entombed.

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