Some Saturday interviews

It’s a late Saturday afternoon, you’re hungover and your head is pounding as you’re listening to the boring sounds of someone indulging in a 50 minute fretboard wank. No you’re not stuck in a guitar shop listening to some old man showing off, you’ve only gone and put a John 5 solo album on by mistake. Quick, put some Amon Amarth on before you die of boredom.

What does that have to do with interviews? Well it seems that I accidentally clicked on a John 5 interview by mistake, which, in case you care, can be found here.What I really wanted to be listening to though, is this interview with Amon Amarth‘s bassist, Ted Lundström, found here.

Amon Amarth will be releasing their 8th studio album Surtur Rising on March 29th (cover art found above, albeit cropped). Be sure to pick it up if you know what’s good for you.

In other news, a bunch of musicians you couldn’t care less about were also interviewed, including the Accept guitarist, my Grandma, and the drummer from Epica.

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