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Amon Amarth release first single

Yesterday, I posted about Amon Amarth premiering the first song of their upcoming album ‘Surtur Rising’ on Full Metal Jackie’s show. If you’re like me, you listened to the shitty webrip, anxiously waiting for a better version.

Wait no more because you can now listen to ‘War of the Gods’ on SurturRising.com in great quality. Also, you can pre-order the album in multiple different versions, i.e. with a bonus live DVD, that was recorded in Bochum, Germany in 2008 over the course of 4 days and includes all four first albums played in its entirety. I actually wanted to go to those concerts but I didn’t. I could cry endlessly because I didn’t. Oh, how stupid am I for missing that?

Anyhow, go to the site and listen to the song now or make the jump for a high quality YouTube video with the audio.


Amon Amarth premiers new song

Professional journalism should be fairminded and you shouldn’t include your own opinion into articles but I say fuck that and I’ll go on record saying once again, if you don’t like Amon Amarth, you can kiss my ass. This band eats, shits and breaths metal. A while ago, we showed you the artwork for the upcoming album, including the tracklist. Today, we’re giving you the first song, ‘War of the Gods’.

I’m not going to act like this is exclusive because it’s all over YouTube and Full Metal Jackie premiered it but for those who don’t listen to FMJ’s show and/or search for new Amon Amarth songs on YouTube daily, this might be the first time you’re hearing this song. All I want to say is, we fucking own and so does Amon Amarth. Check out the song after the jump but keep in mind that it’s just a shitty rip from a podcast.


Amon Amarth reveal artwork and track listing

I’ll be honest with you. If you don’t like Amon Amarth, you’re not metal, in my book. And my book is the be-all-end-all of all things metal. I’m extremely excited for their upcoming album so it was natural that I was excited at the following news.

Amon Amarth recently revealed the artwork and track listing of their upcoming album ‘Surtur Rising,’ to be released on March 29, 2011. Make the jump for the artwork, done by Tom Thiel, and the tracklist.


Amon Amarth reveal upcoming album title and release date

Whatever you say, whatever you do, never forget that you’ll never be as metal as the viking horde Amon Amarth.

A while ago, they confirmed that they’re working on the follow-up to ‘Twilight of the Thunder God’. Now, Amon Amarth revealed that the upcoming album will be called ‘Surtur Rising,’ due on March 29, 2011.

Read on after the jump for some info about Surtur and some more stuff about the album.


Amon Amarth album arriving

Amon Amarth

Good news for Vikings and everyone who feels like one, Amon Amarth have confirmed rumors of them working on a new album. Not like we didn’t see this one coming, but here’s their announcement:

The last couple of months we have been busy working on our follow-up to ‘Twilight Of The Thunder God’. Ten songs were written and on October 1 we started tracking drums for the album in Park Studios. After a short trip to Tokyo, which included our first-ever show in Japan at the renowned Loud Park festival, we continued tracking bass and guitars at Fascination Street studios. Recordings have been going well and we are now more than half way through and the album starts to take shape. We’ll keep you updated with more info soon!

So sometime probably during 2011 the world is going to be reminded that, contrary to whatever they might think or how hard they try, they will never be as metal as something from Sweden. We can’t wait.

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