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Weak Recap: Threesome!

I don’t know much about bikes but apparently the bike above is called Threesome. Surely, you can imagine that this wasn’t what I had in mind when I went to look for a picture of a threesome.

But all that aside, it’s time for this week’s Weak Recap. What’s the deal with the threesome? Well, we decided to change the format a bit, with me asking the questions and Mark and Alex answering them.

We’re not homosexual. At least I’m not. I’m not sure about Mark and Alex, nor do I care really. It’s up to them what they want to do behind closed doors.

But you don’t give a shit either way, do you? Same here. So, just make the jump for a non-homosexual three-way interview about recent happenings in the world of Heavy-fucking-Metal.


No new Perfect Circle album

According to A Perfect Circle guitarist guitarist Billy Howerdel, the band are close to completing work on an as-yet-untitled new song, however don’t expect the band to record a new album any time soon. And don’t go asking why, because it’s all your fault.

“I like records,” Billy comments. “I still like records. I have great memories of having anticipation of hearing a whole album and ingesting it slowly and drinking it all in. To me, I have desires of making a record, but it just doesn’t seem like people are interested. It just seems that everyone likes to digest things much quicker and have less patience.”

Source: Blabbermouth

So there you go people. If you want band’s to record new albums, give them some incentive. Or if you don’t care, then continue downloading the odd random song. No, but seriously, if A Perfect Circle want to record a new album, then they should just go ahead and do it instead of making excuses. I suppose the fact they currently have no record label also has nothing to do with it…

But why am I commenting? I don’t even like A Perfect Circle, they bore me rigid. Sorry fans.


Weak Recap: Yes we can, bitch!

A few months ago, I had a dream. A dream that we could recap our weeks on Sunday without falling in the blog cliche of just making a list of some of our articles. And my creativity and my egomania had sex and came up with the offspring that is The Weak Recap.

Basically we recap the week by interviewing each other. It feeds our egos and it’s letting you know how awesome we’ve been the week before.

So now it’s my turn to interview NFL legend, influential guitarist and all-around amazing metal bloger, Simo. After the jump.


A (new) Perfect Circle album?

Guys, don’t get too excited, but there MIGHT be a new A Perfect Circle album in the pipeline. I know right? Wow… I’m resisting the urge to jack off (although my mom is in the room, so it would be a little weird) and trying so hard to contain my excitement.

I so can’t wait to listen to more boring guitar twiddling with Maynard whining over the top with some vague, cryptic lyrics. Oh my days.

Get the full story here. I’d write more about the story, but I much prefer making subtle jabs at the band and talking about masturbation. I’m a professional, what can I say.


Friday Top 10: Heavy metal soap operas, part 2

What, you thought last Friday’s Top 10 was the only one? Ha, you wish! Just like a proper soap, we’re popping out endless sequels. Well, maybe not endless, because I plan to wrap it up with this one, but who knows when this topic will come back from the dead.

Make the jump and read ten more never-ending and/or soapy and/or embarrassing stories from the world of metal.

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