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James Hetfield is in Nickelback now

Either that, or Chad Whatshisface tried really hard to look like him while playing at the Juno Awards.

The only difference is, James can actually play guitar. Ooooh snap, I went there.


James Hetfield’s goatee looks like a comma

Metallica‘s own festival has a pretty shitty lineup, but now things get even crazier. James will host some kind of car/bike show or something.

Watch the video above and find out more about it. I got distracted by the comma hanging from James’ chin. What is that? He looks like a villain from Wild Wild West.


Oh yeah…

I wanted to end my “Jaymz/paparazzi” post with a joke, but I simply forgot to write it. So I’ll write it here… Ahem:

Jaymz, you don’t like paparazzi? Well if you want anonymity, just join Megadeth. No one will ever take your photograph!


Come on, that was good… Someone reddit/4chan/9gag it!!!11


Jaymz don’t like paparazzi

James Hetfield allegedly ‘attacked’ paparazzi as they were taking photos of him and his son in Uruguay.

Why would anyone go to Uruguay to begin with?

Anyway, here’s what the article is saying…

The rocker was spotted taking a moped ride with his son Castor in the countryside of Punta Del Este and the paparazzi would not leave him alone, so he took it upon himself to try and stop them. James confronted a few and even threw some rocks at some, out of frustration. We understand he’s a hardcore rocker, and was annoyed by the paps, but he shouldn’t be throwing stones at them. Paparazzi have to feed their families too.

Read full article here.

Hardcore rocker? This isn’t the 80s, buddy, James is anything but hardcore nowadays. If anything, he’s a soft core pop-rocker.

And stones? Why stones, James? You are the table, just ram the motherfuckers.

As a famous guy myself, I know what it’s like to deal with the paps, so good on ya, James. Us handsome and rich people need to protect ourselves from the poor who want to take our photos and worship us. Oh yeah, check the original article — photos of the so-called attack therein.


Playing with Metallica put a smile on Dave’s face

There’s a headline I never thought I’d read a few years ago. The fact that Dave finally joined Metallica on stage to play some old Metallica songs is amazing. I wished that would happen at the Big Four jams, but it never did. Maybe because the other two bands were there, and playing ‘Tallica songs would have been a bit selfish.

Anyway, Dave finally played with them, and not only that, original bassist Ron McGovney was also on stage. Pretty epic.

So what does Dave think of the whole experience?

I thought it was cool to be just with Metallica but Ron McGovney’s up there and Lloyd Grant’s up there. I was kind of like ‘Alright, well, I’ll bite the bullet. I’ll be cool. This is not so terrible.’ I got up there and, you know what, I didn’t even notice them. I was having so much fun they weren’t even there.

Haha, even after three decades, he’s still having a go at Ron.

I didn’t even see him the whole time I was up there. It was cool that he was there. He was pretty nervous, too. Ron’s a good guy. I was locked into Lars’ playing and James’ playing. Me and James, we were like the the Toxic Twins back when we played together and we were a very very dangerous duo. And for a moment I think I stirred some of those old feelings up. I saw one of the videos and it looked like he was having fun. I know I was having fun. I had a smile that I went to bed with.

Read full interview here.

These are the quotes I wanted to read from Dave for ages. This is what rock is all about, a couple of talented people jamming together. The petty feuds and bullshit comparisons between Metallica and Megadeth were/are idiotic, and although I am guilty of making plenty of those myself, at least I’ve done them for a laugh — people on YouTube took them seriously.

I hope this will happen again, maybe at a show I’ll attend. Either way, it took 30 years, but things are finally okay between the two bands, and that’s pretty awesome.

Remember, no matter what you think of Metallica or Megadeth, you can’t deny that James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine are two of the greatest metal writers of all time. The fact that they were in the same band together once is amazing. The fact that they can perform together for us 30 years later is even more amazing.

Okay, this is getting way too serious for Dose of Metal. Time for a joke… So, how come Dave Mustaine remembered how to play all those songs after all these years? He plays them daily before crying himself to sleep! — I rule.

Some cool videos of the performances after you make the jump… IN THE FIRE — See what I did there?

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