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Velvet Revolver – The search continues

Velvet Revolver are one step closer to finding a new singer (just 20949,09494 steps to go!). The band responsible for terrible GnR rip-off songs have been searching for a singer to join their band for three years.

Apparently, Slash and Duff have been auditioning possible vocalists since Scott Weiland left in 2008. However, a few weeks ago, the band performed a number of songs together in New York — including their only good song ‘Slither,’ with Jimmy Gnecco, vocalist for the band Ours. Who the hell are Ours? Maybe it was meant to be used in the context of “Our(s) singer is leaving to join Guns N’ Poses. If we let him leave, then we might get popular!”

Speaking to Noisecreep, Duff stated:

None of us have really tried [to find anyone] in the last few years. We’ve all been busy with other things. I think once that whole thing went down with Scott, we thought we’d find a guy right away. Once a few months went by, it was like, ‘Oh fuck.’

I hope they do get a new singer. Maybe then Kerrang won’t write stories about them anymore! The only reason I read Kerrang, by the way, is because the 12 year old emo girl I abducted reads it, too. See, I’m not deranged.


Remember the one with Corey and Velvet Revolver?

Corey Taylor

Hey guys, remember me? I used to write for this website a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away). Lame puns? Well, forgive me, I’m a little bit rusty. But it’s okay, that means I’m still metal, right? Get it, metal, rust? Still got it.

I’ve thought long and hard about what could make my comeback as lame as the jokes I would be using, so I naturally went to Dose of Metal’s frontpage and checked to see the last time any Corey Taylor news were posted. Nothing on the front page = start looking for some.

The article I found is about as interesting as my last article on the website is fresh (slightly more than my underwear. Fresh, that is, nothing interesting in there) — there are still rumors about Corey Taylor and Velvet Revolver floating around. What the fuck? I thought that story has been told about a gazillion times and that it’s over, and I was all ready to follow Corey’s soap with Slipknot, now all of a sudden this again? To be short and on point — Matt Sorum calls Corey a sweetheart and whatnot in some interview, and mentions they have like an album worth of songs. And it’s like super awesome. Read the interview here. Warning: clicking on that link will shrink your penis.


Scott Weiland is honest

If there’s one thing I like, is honesty. And Scott Weiland seems to be full of it (no pun intended… maybe).

In his recent memoir book (everyone’s an author now, huh?) he admits the decision to join Velvet Revolver was solely based on money, as he thought the band sounded like Bad Company at first. He hates Bad Company, apparently, so that’s a polite way of saying they suck.

I’m so sick of musicians sugarcoating everything and lying about stuff, this type of statement is a breath of fresh air. Musicians have to eat too, and their only job is playing music, so of course they’re bound to make some decision based on money.

It’s nice to have integrity but remember, integrity hardly pays your bills. You need to be rich as hell to be able to say ‘no,’ and not every musician affords to pass on big checks. Granted, a lot of filthy rich people are still greedy enough to sell everything, and that’s too bad, but not everyone is a sellout. There’s no such thing as a free meal and unless you’re offering to pay their bills yourself, stop demanding so much from musicians.

Anyway, read the whole excerpt here. He admits the band had great chemistry so it’s not all bad, eh?


Velvet Whateverolver


Something new in the land of “Who gives a flying fuck” — Slash has commented on Velvet Revolver’s auditioning process and working with Corey Taylor. According to / (man, I’m full of shit puns today), it “didn’t seem to fit right” with him. Aaaw, poor Corey must be heartbroken.

You can read an excerpt from the interview he gave to someone after the jump, if you really feel like it. Or you can just read our Brad Delson facts collection, because they’re funny and they tell the tale of a real guitar god.


Duff McKagan blows

Duff McKagan

Quite literally so. Apparently the former Guns N’ Roses bass player underwent a successful sinus surgery on December 14, which was due to his heavy cocaine use and consequential sinus damage received back in the day his former band was rich enough to buy drugs.

Luckily (for his health), Velvet Revolver can’t afford to get high, but he did admit that he probably snorted his body weight in cocaine before he became sober (which was 14 years ago). Ah, the good old, snort your body weight game… Don’t know how it’s played? 1) Get in a band; 2) Make money; 3) Spend as much time as you can snorting cocaine; 4) Make some mediocre music in the meantime which will secure you more money for drug use 5) As you go on, you lose your body weight, which makes it easier to beat the game; and finally, 6) Leave Guns N’ Roses, or optionally, write a book on how you beat your addiction and blame your bandmates and the evil rock n’ roll lifestyle for becoming a junkie.

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